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Iowa State: Best Tourists’ Destinations

Iowa City


Iowa is a favorite place for filming Hollywood movies. Its terrain seems to be endless expanses of magnificent fields of corn, wide gentle hills, rural churches, and old barns. Geographically, the state lies between the two main rivers of America – Missouri and Mississippi.

Way of moving

The most convenient way to travel around the state is to use a car rental in Iowa. Thanks to a rented car, you have plenty of opportunities to explore the state and its surroundings. The roads here are mostly straight and smooth, so traveling around them is a pleasure. By the way, you can still choose and book a car at home, sitting on the couch and remembering with gratitude the creators of the World Wide Web, or right at the airport.

Best cities to visit


Discovering the state, the first place to start with must be Ames. If you are confused about the car rental, do not worry about it. The most popular company here, as well as the budgetary one, is Enterprise rent a car Ames IA, which offers in general 5 car rental points in the city. Among the most demandable cars are Mitsubishi Mirage and Nissan Versa o for $18 a day, Toyota Camry for $31, Ford Ecosport for $34, and Toyota RAV4 for $37, Nissan Maxima for $51, and a special offer to those who travels with a large company Dodge Grand caravan minivan for $66 a day.

Ames is famous for its park variety. You can spend your time in the city walking around natural parks and gardens. The most famous are Rieman Gardens, World’s Largest Concrete Gnome, and Ames Park & Recreation. In order to know the culture and history, you can also visit the Farm House Museum, the Christian Petersen Art Museum, and the Brunnier Art Museum. Wine lovers can go to Prairie Moon Winery, see the process of making wine and even taste it. Applying to car rental, you can explore Ames and its interesting places in a matter of hours and with a high level of comfort.

Des Moines

The capital and largest city in Iowa is Des Moines. This is actually the political, economic and cultural center of the state. In addition, in Des Moines, there is an old fort, the famous Iowa Science Center with impressive laser shows and models of much-advanced science and technology, the State Historical Museum and Archive, the Botanical Center, the Des Moines Art Center and colorful Jordan House. Nearby is the town of Indianola – the location of the National Museum of the balloon, where every August is held a colorful ballooning championship.

Iowa State Capitol

Iowa City

Another interesting city is Iowa City. Most of the attractions of the city, of course, one way or another connected with the University of Iowa. Also worth noting such popular sights as Old Capitol, Capitol and Iowa Street, Museum of Natural History, Jefferson and Clinton Street, and, surely, the Museum of Art.

Burlington City

Visit the City of Burlington to walk down the famous “Snake Avenue”, which is known for being the most winding street in the world. Snake Avenue has seven sharp turns on a segment of 84 meters and rises to 17.8 meters (21%). To this day, it remains a one-way street and involves movement only down. However, once a year, bikers organize group races, in which they ride uphill.

Sioux City

It is impossible not to move to Sioux City – the largest industrial and railway center. The main attractions of the town are Stone Park, located 5 km north of the city, the Floyd monument, as well as the Lewis and Clark Center on the banks of the river. Besides, Stone Park is known for the alleys for cyclists, car enthusiasts, and tall grass prairies.