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Use Your iPad As A Second Display On Mac!

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Who doesn't want a big screen for watching stuff over? If you have an iPad you can connect it with your system and enjoy a double screen. Although it can’t compete with a big LED something is better than nothing. Why not take advantage of something if you have it.

So here are some ways that can help you set up your iPad with the Mac or any other system.

Sidecar on macOS

This is considered to be the best and ideal option to connect your iPad with the Mac. In order to use sidecar, you have to go into the system preferences and then connect it with your iPad. Distance between the iPad and the computer really matters. You have to keep your iPad close to the mac in order for the sidecar to run properly.

Download Duet Display on Your iPad and Mac/Windows PC

In order to connect your iPad with the mac or windows PC, you have to install a duet display, both of your devices to make things run smoothly.

Duet display doesn’t work so well when connected over wifi or internet connection. It is recommended that one should use a USB cable as this wired connection runs pretty smoothly. There won’t be any kind of lag while playing anything with the wired connection.

Connect the cable with the iPad

When you have installed the duet display both on your iPad and system. You have to connect the cable with the iPad and then attach it with the Mac or Windows Pc. When you connect it with the iPad you will also be able to move the mouse and take it all the way to the iPad. Could it be any more simple?

Same goes with the iPad, you can control things from that screen too.

Now you have to adjust the Display Settings

One has to make certain display arrangements before experiencing the duet display. Otherwise, things don’t work smoothly. It is always recommended that you get done with the complete settings before using the duet display.

First, you have to adjust the settings of your system’s display. It is observed that the duet display assumes that the iPad is always placed on the right side of the system. But if you choose to keep the iPad on the left side, you’ll have to adjust the settings so that the mouse can work properly.

For Windows users, they can access the display by clicking right on the desktop and for mac users, they can change the settings by heading to the system preferences and then to the display.

Basically there are two squares, squares–one that represents your main computer monitor and the other represents your iPad. You have to click and drag the square up, down, or to the sides of the iPad to put it as it is in real life. Everyone uses it differently.

Then you have to open your display settings when you're done. Next, you have to open the settings for Duet Display by clicking in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) on its icon.

From this menu, you can adjust various other things and do multiple display settings. It is always recommended that the Framerate should be at 60 FPS and Performance at high power. However, if there is any sign of your computer to not handle it, you can adjust it accordingly. Otherwise, you can simply lower both if the battery is draining too fast.


When it comes to resolution, you have to see what is best for you. The higher the resolution is, the slower your experience gets. But lesse resolution will also result in you seeing less on the screen.  For various laptops, the mileage may vary.

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