IPL Fantasy League Tips to Choose IPL Players


The most popular cricket tournament Indian Premier League is about to begin in almost a month, and the fixtures have been announced for the first two weeks of the season. This is not just a popular tournament for watching in the stadiums and on the screens but is also one of the best times of the year to enjoy fantasy cricket and earn money with every game you play.

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If you play fantasy cricket online regularly, you would surely be excited for IPL fantasy league games 2019. To make your game better and to win more money, you need to know some tips. Here are the tips for you that you must pay attention to before IPL fantasy games begin: -

  • Try to collect the stats before every match begins. This not only implies to the Indian players who have been performing well in domestic cricket but also the international players who are known for their exceptional form in T20 cricket. This will help you in assessing which players have better chances of performing well in the match.
  • Keep the match schedule with you so that you do not miss any important match. It will help you in planning and strategising for the game in a better manner.
  • Make sure that you know the form of the players. Even the best players can be out of form at times. So, it will not be a wise decision to include them in your team.
  • Pick the best players of your squad as the captain and vice-captain of your team. If they perform well in the real game, they will fetch you more points as compared to other players.
  • Forget your favourites for the time being and pick the players wisely. This will ensure that you have only the best players in your team and you do not regret picking a non-performer later.
  • Keep yourself updated the changes that are happening every day in the environment and squad of IPL. So, you will not make a mistake of picking up a player who is not in the squad or is unfit for playing that game.
  • Read the rules mentioned on the website properly. Though the basic rules on all the websites are the same, you need to pay attention to the special rules so that you do not make any mistake.
  • Do not ignore the conditions of the pitch. You can read about the general pitch conditions in advance.
  • However, the actual pitch report will be clear only when you watch the pre-match show or find out what the experts have to say right before the match.
  • You should also keep the weather factor into consideration. Since the pitch will perform in different manners in different weathers, the ball will be behaving differently.
  • Trust your instincts instead of blindly following what your best friend says. This will help you in improving your game.

You now have IPL fantasy league tips with you. Make sure that you keep them in mind before you start playing.