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Is a cover letter important to apply for the job?

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Are you on a job hunt and have been told by numerous people to submit a cover letter? Cover letter is a document that has to be submitted with the resume at the time of job application. Many people don’t take the cover letter seriously and completely skip it by submitting the resume alone. It is a highly unprofessional act and must not be encouraged or continued.

Cover letter is basically the essay version of your suitability for the job apart from what is mentioned in the resume. This particular document helps the employers to understand the candidate on a deeper level and then take the decision of hiring accordingly. Mostly the candidates who have submitted their cover letters with resume have a higher chance of hearing back from the employers and getting considered for the job opening. Now you must be wondering why is cover letter so effective for the procedure? Following are some reasons why cover letter plays a significant role in the effectiveness of job application.

Provides an in-depth understanding of your personality

In the cover letter you can talk about yourself from a professional point of view in detail. The hiring managers cannot fully understand your personality through resume and cover letter makes up for it. The employers will understand whether you are capable to work in their organization on the basis of your personality or not.

Provides reasoning as to why you should be working with the organization

Furthermore, in the cover letter, you can talk in detail why you are a suitable candidate for the organization. You must discuss the valuable input and results that you are able to derive for the growth and betterment of the company. No company wants to know your personal life and is rather more interested in what they will be getting from the employee in the favor of the company.

Provides an idea of the candidate’s written communication skills

Before calling for an interview, the employers get the idea of the candidate’s written communication skills and how well they can write. Resume is a restricted bullet point formatted document where the writing skills cannot be checked and tested. Many individuals are excellent in verbal communication but weak at written one and therefore, they prefer to take help from professional cover letter writing service to avoid the chances of getting rejected on writing skills.

Strengths of the candidate can be highlighted and discussed in detail

In the resume, you can only mention the main points of your professional and personal strengths. However, to create a greater impact on the employers, the cover letter is the best option of doing so. You can highlight your strengths and explain them in detail to the employer for a stronger impact.

Shows your enthusiasm and dedication to get the job

Imagine there are two resumes with the hiring manager. One is with a cover letter, and the other without it. Naturally, the applicant with the cover letter would look more dedicated and pumped up to get the job opportunity as compared to the other candidate. The cover letter shows the employers that how much the candidate is invested in the job opportunity at their firm and how they are not taking any chances to lose it.

Suffices for an average resume

When there is a job opening, hundreds of resumes are submitted. Some of them are not the perfect fit, while a lot of them are the perfect fit. However, it is not possible to hire 20 people for one job opening and the hiring managers have to select the absolute best profile. At that point, cover letter helps and supports you to withstand the rest of the applicants and make your CV shine out.

Minimizes the chances of getting ignored

Many times the resumes or job application get ignored or reach the trash bin due to the huge pile of applications. However, the best strategy to make sure your resume does not face any such issue is by sending in a cover letter as well which will play a convincing role for your profile. Additionally, you can mention the follow-up date and day when you will email or call them for an answer. It prevents the unnecessary waiting and ensures that you either move forward with the interview or move on to looking for a new job.

Cover letter is like the essay of your professional side. It has to be submitted with the resume and plays a vital role in convincing the hiring managers to give you the job. While many people take the cover letter rightly, it is not really the best thing to do and rather is very important for the sake of getting the job.

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