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Is a Dedicated Server an Optimum Choice for Me?

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A decision about choosing a web hosting service is a crucial one. You may be confused about VPS hosting, dedicated and many other hosting options. However, dedicated server hosting is required when you use a single server exclusively and don’t want to share the server with anyone else. You want to be a controlling person and customize your server as per your needs. If these are your requirements, then dedicated hosting server in India is the solution for you.

Though this hosting option is available at the expensive side, it can let you have several exciting features and options that are worth paying for. Mainly if a lot of people visit your website within a short time, then a dedicated server is the correct option for you.

How Dedicated Server Works

You may be familiar with the big size of personal computers earlier. Today, a small rendition of the same system is available in the market. Dedicated servers are quite big. They come with physical existence. Like your PC, dedicated servers do also feature RAM, hard drives, microprocessors and much more. When a computer is manufactured to manage a large amount of data, you can call it a server.

Based on the features and specification, we can divide dedicated server hosting in two primary parts.


This is a kind of server that is designed to control the server. So, you can be responsible for maintaining this server.


In this type of category, you can choose to hire a company that cannot only maintain the server but will also ensure that the server can keep running flawlessly. Such procedure is known as a managed server. With a managed server hosting, you can only be responsible for sending the information to the hired company. In general, managed dedicated server provider provides features such as:

  • 24x7 help desk
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • 24x7 operating system updating
  • 24x7 scanning for viruses and malware
  • 24x7 filtering spams
  • Updating kernels and DLL files etc.

Benefits of dedicated server hosting:

There are many advantages to choosing dedicated server hosting in India. Key benefits have been mentioned below.


With dedicated servers, you are able to handle a vast amount of information at any point in time. That’s why you can have belief on the server for its performance. Such servers do also have any technical issues even while your website receives heavy traffic.


Due to optimum performance of the dedicated server, most businesses are choosing to invest in this hosting option. They have a great trust in it.  Because you are the all in all of the server, you have authority to control the minimum downtime, the changes and the upgraded required. Besides, you can be able to foretell the cost of maintaining and repairing and planning for it beforehand so it will not burn a hole in your pockets.


No matter what kind of server you are choosing – whether managed or unmanaged. The control will be entirely in your hands. You are free to change the software to meet your needs and even improve the service based on your requirements.


Since you can control Dedicated Servers and tailor it as per your requirements, dedicated servers are the most secure server.


A dedicated server also lets you enjoy 99% uptime. So go through the record of completion of the provider and accept the contract only if they are ensuring uptime at the range of 99%.


The dedicated server provider in India can provide you with proper assistance whenever you have a problem. Even if your server is unmanaged, you can enjoy adequate support from experts round the clock and the year. Therefore, it is essential to choose the support system to know about it in details.


A dedicated hosting can provide you with enhanced security. Since it is not shared with other website and any second party can’t intrude the server, your data will be safe. Besides, it is difficult for other persons to gain access to your files or password or information with dedicated servers, so your business will remain safe.


With so many servers available, choosing the right one for a website is one of the most critical decisions that you will make. The challenge increases because every type comes with its own merits and demerits. As a website owner, you need to know more about these types so that you can select the best one. However, as mentioned above, dedicated server hosting in India can be the right option if you want to have flexibility, security, full control and round the clock technical support, and maximum uptime. So, find a reliable hosting provider in India to get the dedicated server hosting.

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