Is abdominal bloating is a sign of miscarriage?


Every pregnancy comes with a risk of miscarriage. Around 20 – 25% of all pregnancies fail in the initial 13 weeks. So it's wise for every parents-to-be to be aware of the signs and symptoms of miscarriage. However, knowing the symptoms beforehand and prepare yourself mentally will not minimize the pain of losing your little one. These days people are openly talking about these things as losing a pregnancy or miscarriage is no longer a secret as before.

Below are some important symptoms one must not ignore during pregnancy:-

  1. Heavy vaginal bleeding.
  2. Strong cramps.
  3. Abdominal bloating
  4. Passage of tissue that looks like large thick blood clots
  5. Severe back pain and abdominal discomfort

Sometimes there is no symptom at all. It can only be discovered after a routine scan when no heartbeat is detected.

Is abdominal bloating a sign of miscarriage?

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After you miscarry, your body will undergo many changes. You may experience bleeding and abdominal bloating and pain. Mild pain and cramps during pregnancy are usual. However, if it's not your day, cramping and pain in your abdominal may also be caused by miscarriage. Abdominal bloating is a sign of miscarriage and abdominal pain too. Therefore without wasting any time, you must get checked up.

After a miscarriage, the first day of bleeding will be day one of a new cycle. Some or all of the remaining pregnancy tissue gets infected. Miscarriage and excessive bloating could be from retained tissue, but it could also be just your body trying to recover. 

Also, many of the women who suffer from miscarriage get confused when the abdominal bloating continues even after many weeks of miscarriage as it is also a sign of pregnancy. But feeling bloated after natural miscarriage is normal. The body takes time to heal and change itself.  

How to get rid of abdominal bloating during pregnancy?

Bloating usually means to cause abdominal distension, and bloating during pregnancy means lots of discomforts. Bloating can be one of the most frequent and least charming symptoms. It shows up around the 11th week. Here the question arrives that how long does bloating last in early pregnancy, or when does bloating go away in early pregnancy? Unfortunately, bloating is something that many women face during pregnancy, and it is possible that it will last until you deliver your baby or even some more days after that. 

One of the most asked questions is "how to reduce stomach bloating during pregnancy?" Although there are hundreds of remedies to try, a wise mother will always go for the safest and natural one. It will keep her child's life risk-free. 

Here are some natural remedies to get rid of bloating during pregnancy:-

  • Always go for smaller meals.
  • Try to eat sufficient fiber in your meals.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout your day in the initial time.
  • Slow down and relax. Never rush for anything.

Bloating during pregnancy comes with gas, which is embarrassing too. But relax! It's just a common problem during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that can ease any time of gas issues. 

Women face a lot of problems during pregnancy. But the good news with that gives her the strength to overcome all.