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Is Blogging Possible in Indian Scripts?

If writing is your passion then blogging could be a good platform for you. It is a way that allows you to share useful information on your own viewpoint with readers. Many Indian individuals love to write blogs and presently it has become a well-paying profession among writers. However, blogging is not restricted to writing only in English. There is no hard and fast rule that you cannot write blogs in other scripts. However, it might be difficult to some extent for writing in a language you don’t know properly. But don’t worry! Now you can find many useful apps and softwares for blogging in local phrases.

Conduct Proper Research

First of all, it is vital to conduct research whether there are blogs in a particular language that you prefer? Though, blogging in your native language is not a bad idea. But, it is imperative to know whether people would prefer to read your blog or not?  Here is the best trick to get readers for your blogs. You should write them in a language that people prefer other than English. For instance, natives of Bengal speak, read, and write in Bangla. So, you can write blogs in the particular scripts by using Amar Bangla software. 

Amar Bangla is a fully compatible app that you can use for desktop and mobile. It helps you to write content directly in Bangla by providing 39 Bengali fonts for free. You can even use it for automatic English to Bangla language. You can get many readers for your blog and can gain good revenue. This Farmasi review website has used the same tool.

Determine the Target Audience

As a writer, it is extremely important for you to determine the reach for your blog posts. It is vital to know how much you want to make it viral? Let's suppose that if you want to write a blog for an international business approach then consider English. But, if you want to write for domestic reach then you can prefer your native language. Hindi is the native language of India. So, it would be great if you blog in this script to attract more and more readers. With the help of Google typing tools, you can create content in Hindi. Though, Hindi has many popular fonts. So, if you have proper knowledge about them, then you can serve your purpose fruitfully. Besides, you can get help from writing apps to cater to your specific needs. 

Know the Real Facts

As an Indian blogger, you can fulfill the dream to earn a good income by writing in your native language. But, first, you should know the earning potential with regard to the specific language. Let’s take the example of Hindi again. It is the 4th most spoken language in the world. You can see the statistics that state about 4 percent of the world population speaks Hindi. Moreover, it is an easy language that one can understand, read, and write flawlessly. 

You might be surprised to know that popular sites like Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Twitter are also available in Hindi. These days, many Indian eCommerce websites are also doing marketing in this script. So, the earning potential is high if you choose to blog in this phrase. 

Write for Your Passion

Blogging is open to all languages. There is no restriction for you to choose a language that you do not much prefer. You can write content in a phrase that you know very well. After Hindi, Malayalam is the most preferred language in India. So, if you are good at this idiom, you can go for writing. You can use the ISM Malayalam app for fast, secure, and accurate typing. It is a popular tool that is used widely in the south region of India. You can use it for hassle-free blogging by simply downloading it on your PC. 

ISM Malayalam could be a good app if you want to write blogs related to the money market. The reason behind this thing is that it is the only app that supports writing for the Rupee symbol. 

Less Competition than English Blogs

It is a real fact that English blogging is highly competitive than any other language. So, whether you want to form blog posts in Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, or Tamil, you can get online exposure. You can prove good earning potential in less time by getting maximum readers. 

In a nutshell, blogging is really possible and beneficial in local Indian phrases. This will not only improve website traffic but also enhance the trust level of your local customers. These are the must-have tools for all of bloggers, if the target audience is in India. These tools are not tough to work on. All you need is some enthusiasm and you must acknowledge having proper writing skills or supportive tools in hand.

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