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Is Contemporary art Occult?

The sagacity of art is not meant to be unscrambled with some words and discussions. Art is an experience that takes a lifetime of observation and emotional sentience. What we criticise today might become an epitome of adroit art in the next 100 years. A lot of artists never experience success or a big sale in their lifetimes. But after many years of their demise there artworks are sold for millions of dollars. Why do you think this happens?

When an artist creates something out-of-the-box or atypical, for years or maybe decades, only a handful are able to comprehend with the real tenor of the expression. Art is not meant for everyone even though anyone can relate to it. Looking at contemporary art paintings and feeling a jolt in your emotions is one thing but getting the true intent of artistic expression is something very contrasting.

Let’s take contemporary art for an instance. The nitty-gritty context of contemporary art is so translucent that a majority of viewers completely reject the creation regarding it as vague and totally offbeat to the spirit of art. Some art scholars term contemporary form as the beginning of the destruction of true art, while others state it as perplexing and weird.

contemporary art paintings

It would be totally unjustified to refer those statements as illogical even though they are completely wrong. People observe art with their eyes but it is their mind that simplifies the visualisation of an object, join the scattered codes and collect the interpretation from the memory or emotional experience that they had previously.

This is the reason that when people first witnessed abstract paintings they were turned-off instantly. Even the greatest non-abstract painters of that era ridiculed the art style saying it was just a lazy attempt from artists to become famous.

Same goes with the contemporary artworks. Contemporary art paintings are pieces that are created in our lifetime. More precisely, any painting developed after the 1970s comes under the umbrella of the contemporary art form.

Defining them in words seems quite easy but when you look at contemporary paintings, your mind may feel discomfort in digging out the real meaning. Artists started painting contemporary pieces because not only it offers them the freedom to talk about any topic or social issue or it gives away the liberation to create art in a totally new way but it also provides a sense of comfort. This warmth is felt because contemporary form encourages artists to be as creative as they can be.

Contemporary art styles have told us that the only limit to artists’ creative flair is their own imagination. Until and unless an artist restricts himself/herself, concealed in an idea or a concept, creating a contemporary artwork is possible.

Is contemporary art really baffling?

To some, contemporary art is alchemistic and obscure, while for the others, it is as simple as ABC. The critics of contemporary art are, unfortunately, more in numbers than its admirers. Simply because not everyone is able to digest that the unclear visuals and the disoriented depictions can actually evoke emotions.

In reality, contemporary art is not occult. It is just perceived as one of the most sophisticated representations of art because we have yet not evolved to grab the real taste of what art is. Contemporary art paintings are actually the closest what humanity is able to get to art’s real notion. Art is not about a specific depiction but its main essence and peculiarity lie in the underlying bed of interpretations that could really boost the emotions out of the observer. Now, this doesn’t mean that the particular piece has to be aesthetically gorgeous. Art is never meant to be beautiful. It is meant to be expressive though.

To understand the versatility of what is contemporary art paintings, you require an open mind with no previous notion of how art should be perceived. Art is an experience and it is purely subjective depending upon how we have spent our lives. When you see the loosely thrown strokes of the brush, make sure to let your flow with the colour compositions and see how it is making you feel.

The true apprehension of contemporary paintings comes from our inner-self or you can say this style of art reflects our true-self in form of our emotions.

I am a great Art Lover and believe in the natural beauty represented in the form of art.
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