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Is Eating Organic Beneficial For Your Health

Is Eating Organic Beneficial For Your Health min

Once found in the health food stores only, organic food items are now a regular feature in almost every supermarket. While some people buy organics because they believe it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment, others do so for the health benefits. 


Furthersome, some organic foods can cost you a bit more the conventionally grown food. And, you might question yourself, ‘Are they actually healthier?’ Or, is it worth to spend money on buying organics?


Well, organic foods reduce the health risks by minimizing the body’s exposure to the toxins. They contain higher levels of nutrients that promote health and wellness. Moreover, they are better for the environment. 


If you are deciding to go organic based on the health benefits it offers, read on to know why it’s worth it! 


Organic Food Contain More Healthy Fats

When it comes to alternative milk, organic products contain omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally grown products. They have less saturated fats than non-organics. These differences in the healthy fat proportion come from the way how livestock are raised with a grass-fed diet, or how milk is extracted from organically grown soy, coconut, etc. 


Thus, switching from conventional to organics may increase your intake of omega-3, while keeping the overall calories intake at the minimum.


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They Are Exposed To Very Less Pesticides, Heavy Metals

Packaged vegetables, lentils, cereals, salads, or even dried fruits labeled organic are grown without using synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Though some chemicals are considered safe in specific quantities in conventional farming, the health experts still warn about the ill-effects of prolonged exposure.


For example, Roundup, a commonly used herbicide, is a probable human carcinogen. Chlorpyrifos is associated with developmental delays in infants. 


Not only are the organically grown crops less likely to contain pesticides, but they are also less likely to be tested positive for cadmium. It is a heavy metal that can accumulate in the kidneys or liver and cause chronic illness.


So, it is better to include chemical-free food in your diet. If your superstore misses some of the organic staple food items, you can buy these organics from the online store.


No Synthetic Hormones, No Antibodies

In conventional farming, crops might be fed with antibodies to protect them against illness, making it easy for the farmers to boost growth. However, health experts say that when plants or crops aren’t coated in antibodies or chemicals to fight off the pests, insects, or other foreign elements, they develop better compounds to protect themselves.


In other words, they build natural antibodies to fight against bad bugs. And, if we eat the produce of an organically grown crop, you also get these disease-fighting compounds! Thus, going green is a win-win game! 

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Organic Food Is High In Antioxidants

According to a study, organic food contains way more antioxidants than conventionally grown food. It suggests that just eating organic provides a number of antioxidants that are equivalent to 1-2 extra portions of vegetables or fruits a day!


One possible reason why organic food contains high levels of antioxidants is they are grown without using high levels of fertilizers. Though heavily fertilized crop grows bigger and faster but loses vital nutrients. 




The points mentioned above are enough to decide whether organic products are worth a bit more extra cost than their conventional counterparts. If you consider it beneficial to use organics in your food, there’s no better time to do so than now. Give it a try, and you’ll feel a positive difference in the years to come.


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