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Is Electric Jack Hammer Good For Demolition?

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The Demolition of existing structures on the ground is widespread before the implementation of the construction site.

The electric hammer is so essential nowadays; Workers can even work with this because of its features. Everything has disadvantages and also advantages. We see near us lots of Demolition is happening, and most of the workers are using the electric jackhammer. Here I will define you every single thing about electric jackhammer and how to do Demolition and is an electric jackhammer suitable for Demolition.

The demolition options are:

Manual: suitable for small buildings or when there is a risk to nearby properties.

Mechanized: The most common is made with the help of machines, breakers, hammers, cranes and tractors, and the use of explosives (ideal for medium or large buildings and when the execution time is shorter).

Controlled Demolition:  

Allow the process to be executed in steps, without disturbing the remaining structures and with dimensional accuracy.

To avoid problems in Demolition, some precautions are necessary, such as:

  1. Find out about the type of energy to be used by the equipment, whether fuel or electric. Also, pay attention to the amount of material available.
  2. Disconnect the area’s electrical and plumbing networks and insulate the area that will be demolished using siding and protective screens so that structures in neighboring cities are not damaged.
  3. Make use of Collective and Personal Protective Equipment.
  4. Pre-select the tools used in demolition work, after all, a large part of work accidents occur because of the improvisation of tools and materials.
  5. Keep the area marked and do not allow persons outside the service before, during, and after Demolition has occurred. Unsuspecting people are a danger in this kind of work.
  6. That done, it’s time to start the process that usually happens from top to bottom: first, the roofs are removed, then the slabs and walls until they reach the ground. In cases of implosion, it is the other way round: first down, because then the weight itself helps in destruction.

If you follow these steps, then Electric Jack Hammer is good for Demolition. So keep these things in your mind.

More things you should know:

One of the most used demolishing equipment is the 10 kg hammer. It is ideal for demolishing small beams and concrete pillars. Breakthrough walls for laying doors and windows, open tears for electrical and plumbing installations, and remove general floors for remodeling. You should use this type of equipment; specialized labor is required, with knowledge of Brazilian standards and supplier manuals. And for the handling and execution of services, it is always necessary to use PPE, according to NR-6 and NR-18 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Construction Industry.

It is worth noting that any demolition can only be initiated after clearance by the inspection. Before commencement, the contractor will have to carry out a detailed examination and survey of the building or structure to be demolished.

It should also consider important aspects, always observing the prescriptions contained in the Regulatory Norms of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, such as:

  • The nature of the structure,
  • The methods used in the construction of the building,
  • The conditions of the building constructions,
  • The conditions of neighboring buildings,
  • The existence of basements, subsoil’s, and fuel deposits and others.

Also available in the market is the 16 kg hammer, designed to demolish small concrete structures in general (floors, beams, and slabs) and asphalts.

There is also the breaker 30 kg, which should be used in the Demolition of the floor of beams, floors, slabs, and others, as this type of service, is not feasible manually.


Site productivity is one of the most critical items when comparing the use of mechanical equipment, and the service performed manually. To give you an idea, according to DeWalt, a hammer maker, a single person can do the job with the machine. While in standard form, at least four workers are required (the number depends on the size of the work).


But the main advantage of using the 10-pound hammer in the Demolition is the service execution time – it is estimated to be 30 times faster. Still, according to the company DeWalt, while a worker drops 100 kg of rubble manually. Another worker, in the same period, can demolish three tons with the use of the 10 kg hammer.


Other benefits of electrical equipment are safety and ergonomics. With the machine, work is more accessible and requires much less worker strength. Manually, it is inevitable that the worker may have problems related to repetitive stress, such as tendon and joint injuries.


With the use of the 10 kg hammer, Demolition also ends up being a more sustainable process. This is because it will not require so much of the worker and also because it will produce waste that can indeed be reused.

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