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Is Getting Student Visa for UK Easy

Studying in the UK is everyone’s dream who aspires for great heights in terms of a secure career. ManyUK Immigration solicitors are at their services to guide and process the visa-related issues. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the visa processes are at low grounds, but in the long-run UK is always the focused ground for the students all around the world. Studying in Uk is inspiring and pays a lot when one jumps into professional life. After completing the desired coursework, one can even pursue a career in a very country. The first and foremost question which hit the students is it is easy to have a visa for the UK or not? The visa process for the UK is not hectic but it demands clear on demand-driven requirements from you. Here are the key points in terms of UK student visa processing.

The measure of data might be overpowering from the outset, yet with a little association, you'll experience the whole cycle quickly. The accompanying article is intended to offer you a total manual for making your visa application measure for the UK as simple and less upsetting as could be expected under the circumstances.

Course Information

Your visa process must hold the requirements of your course which you are willing to pursue in the UK. The course work information carries 30 points in the visa process.


To show that you are financially stable and independent you are required to show the available funds in your bank account. The bank details give 10 points to you in the overall process. The funding must be enough to let you pay the tuition fee and house rent. The finances are of great importance in the process of visa for the UK. The financial information must be in be the form of the bank statement which would be acceptable.


There is also a requirement in thevisa processto pay for healthcare services. By paying the healthcare surges you can have access to UK’s National Health Service which would be valid for six months unless you live in the UK.

Short Term Visa

The short term visa is for those who are willing to stay in the UK for 6 months. The visas are valid for everyone living outside the UK and are all easy to apply. Even in the short term visas, you are expected to show the full details of your stay and the reason behind it. The short visa requires your biometric information and English fluency as well.

Tier 4 Study Visa

This visa is for those who are willing to stay for a longer period as per the degree requirements. The visa is extended from months to years. This type of visa is mostly issued to those who are in the course work of bachelor’s, masters, or even PhDs.

Things to Avoid

Avoid the following things and you will have a speedy visa entitlement with you.

  1. No mistake in documents
  2. Carefully fill out the form
  3. Clear verification of the given documents
  4. Keep the documents as limited as required
  5. The documents must be in the original form
  6. The details of applied scholarship if it is any must also be with your documents
  7. Long and unclear travel itinerary

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