Friday, September 29, 2023
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Is it Good to buy Tablet in 2020?

Okay, so you’re confused on buying your next gadget? Especially when it comes to Tablets, the scenario is completely cocked up. 

Because let’s be honest, you can get a million reasons to buy a smartphone, a million reasons to buy a laptop because you can compare their utility with your needs and you’re done, but when it comes to a tablet, everyone finds themselves scratching their heads! 

Mobile phones have now become a necessity for an individual because it has done revolutions in the field of usefulness, convenience, and efficiency. On the other hand, laptops have made our professional lives a bed of roses by eliminating the humongous PC establishments and replacing it with portable and convenient models. 

But tablets have always been questioned because it is not easy to match your needs with it. So, here’s explaining whether you should go for buying a tablet in 2020 or not with a sincere and systematic guide that will help you in getting things right and avoid you from making a disaster. 

Why Are Tablets a Good Buy? 

Starting from the important things first, let’s see the reasons why tablets are a smart buy for you – 

  1. Mobile phones are more like a communicating device. Their usage for productivity and content production is somewhat lesser than tablets as tablets in 2020 give you freedom of enhancing your productivity through multiple tools. 
  2. It provides you greater portability and mobility than a laptop because you can even place it on your kitchen cupboard while cooking but not your laptop. 
  3. If you are a reading or writing enthusiast, tablets will definitely make you happy with enhanced experience. 
  4. One of the major reasons which favor buying a tablet in 2020 is that your experience is much amplified when you use a tablet in comparison to a mobile. For example, if you want to watch a movie with 3 friends, you won’t get that much fun with a mobile screen as you can get with a tablet. 
  5. If you are fed up with that 6-7 inch screen of your mobile phone, but don’t want that 20 inch screen either, like for streaming movies and games, then you’ll find the tablets much more fit for your choice as they provide you with advanced display screens in 2020. 
  6. When comparing with laptops, you can get better battery life in tablets owing to their smaller size. Since there is not much hardware, battery usage is moderate. 
  7. You get a synchronized smartphone-ish and laptop-ish experience in a price which is relatively affordable. So, if you want to invest smart, invest in a tablet. 
  8. Smartphones are more portable than Tablets but not all the professional work can be done on that. And also you can get a good tablet under $300 budget but a smartphone. 

Why Tablets Ain’t Better Than Laptops? 

Now that you know why tablets can be a friend for you, you should also see areas where laptops perform better than tablets as in 2020, both of these gadgets are greatly advanced and technically sound. 

  1.  When it comes to performance, laptops are hands down better than tablets due to their hardware. It gives you scope for multitasking and efficient performance. 
  2. If you are professional and you regularly use heavy applications like photoshop, you better go for a laptop than a tablet as laptops give you a versatile landscape for functioning properly. Also, you need bigger screens for these softwares which are conveniently found in laptops. 
  3.  Take the storage part and you’ll see why laptops are better than tablets. The normal tablets like iPads, Google Pixel and Galaxy Tab come with a 32 GB internal storage. While, on average laptops today, 128 GB is the minimum storage you get. This makes much more sense when you are a professional and you need to store a lot of data in your device. 
  4. Most of the good range laptops today have an advanced display to enhance your experience. So, if you have a good budget, go for a laptop. 

So, Should You Buy a Tablet in 2020? 

The answer to this obvious question lies with you. Buying or not depends upon the reason as to “Why you need a tablet for?” This decision depends on what you would use a tablet for. If you can answer it optimally, you can get a tablet. 

For multitasking and for a working professional who needs a device with better performance and high storage with durability, a laptop is a great choice. But tablets are good for light work on the go. 

There are a number of tablets like iPad pro and Surface Pro 4 which have been portrayed as laptop replacements. So, think about your needs thoroughly before buying a tablet. 

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.
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