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Is it possible to disable comments on Instagram posts? Here’s the right way

No matter for what purpose you are utilizing Instagram, if you have the fans, you will also have the haters. It is the most challenging task to deal with the trolls on Instagram. You never know how to react to them. If you are facing the same issue these days, here is good news for you. You can disable comments on Instagram posts & avoid the nasty comments.

At this point, you might think that why it is necessary to disable comments on Instagram? For instance, if you are having more than a few nasty comments by trolls on your Instagram posts, you can ignore them as well. But, it makes sense to disable comments as these nasty comments can ruin your reputation. For instance, when the new followers join you, it can leave a bad impression on their minds.

If you don’t know the exact way how to disable comments on Instagram, you are here at the right place.

Turning off comments on your Instagram posts

Turning comments on Instagram means that you are going to hide all the existing comments & not allowing someone to comment on your post further. It has a hitch that all the comments by your followers, friends & your own comments will be hidden but you will get rid of the trolls somehow, which is your real motive.

The most important thing to mention here is that turning comments on Instagram has two different ways. The first option is that you can turn off comments for your Instagram post while posting it. The other option is that you are done with posting something already on Instagram & later you realize that you need to turn off its comments. Both methods are given below and are the simplest ones.  

Method #1: Disable comments before posting

In this method, we are going to show you the way you can disable comments for the Instagram post you haven’t posted yet. You are planning to post something on Instagram & you don’t want any sort of comments on it, here the way to disable every comment. Let’s have a look on the steps suggested by to disable comments before posting.

Step #1: Go to your home screen & launch your Instagram app right from there.

Step #2: You definitely have the photo or video in your gallery that you want to share. Tap on the Share button, select what you want to post.

Step #3: Want to apply any filters? Do it right now at this step. As soon as you are done with it, click the Next button here.

Step #4: At this step, look for the Advanced setting button on the page bottom, which will be shown in the grey color.

Step #5: There you will see Turn off commenting switch, toggle on it.  

Step #6: Look for the Back button at the app’s top-left corner.

Step #7: Now you are ready to share whatever you want to share on your Instagram & no one will be allowed to comment on your post.

Method#2: Disable comments after posting

The first method was about turning off comments for the post you haven’t posted yet on Instagram. This method is about disabling comments for the existing post. Let us get to it step by step.

Step #1: The very first step to this method is exactly the same as above. Launch the app from your home screen.

Step #2: Now click on the Profile tab available at the bottom of your Instagram app & look for the post you need to disable comments for.

Step #3: At the top right corner of your specific post, you will see the Ellipsis button. Tap on it.

Step #4: From the pop-up menu, you need to select Turn off commenting from the available options by tapping on it.

For the confirmation, you can check if the comment button on your post is missing or not. The missing button is the confirmation that people will not be able to comment on your posts.

Turning off Instagram comments – Wrapping up

Turning off comments doesn’t mean that you can’t turn on comments again. You always have options available to turn on comments back on your posts. For doing that, the process is simplest, Launch the app & go to your home screen. Click on the profile tab at the bottom of the Instagram app to find the post you are looking forward to turning on comments for. At the top right, click the Ellipsis & then select Turn on the Commenting option from the available ones. The comment button will reappear immediately after it.  

One important thing to mention here is that the settings for the comments, whether it's from the first method or the second one, will not be remembered for future postings. For every post you want to disable comments, you have to turn off the comments manually if you don’t want to receive comments.

In the end, it will be worth knowing that the trolls aren’t going to leave you forever. These methods are just to avoid them for certain posts so that you can manage the sensitive stuff effectively you post. For its permanent solution, Instagram provides you the two possibilities. The first one is that you can always block a user & say goodbye forever. Another option, which is somehow general, is that you can select some specific words & hide comments that contain those words.   

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