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Is it possible to get instant Medical Loan in India?

Time and health are the most important asset of an individual’s life. Medical emergencies can arrive at any time deprived of any warning. In that situation, if you don’t have any health insurance plan or an emergency fund, you can be stuck in deep trouble. In that situation, a Medical Loan comes into the picture as a lifesaver. An unsecured loan just like a personal loan which can be used in any medical emergency called a medical loan. A medical loan can be availed for a health-related emergency like an operation, surgery, daycare procedures, or therapy.

Loan for medical treatment: Whether it’s the treatment cost of a doctor or any other hospital bill or an expense on medicine, a medicine loan covers all. Many private and public sector banks offer such medical loans that fall into a special category of personal loans. Such medical loans are easily available and don’t require any type of collateral or deposit. Few reasons when you can opt for a medical loan:

Fund crunch

Easily available

No additional or hidden cost involved

Available immediately to take care of your medical expenses

Available even if your credit rating is not good

doesn’t require any type of collateral or deposit

CrediLoan: Crediloan is a special medical loan in India that is provided by Credihealth in case of a medical emergency that can arrive at any time. It’s a loan for medical treatment that an individual can avail easily. This emergency medical load starts from INR 20K to 5L and a kind of personal loan that Credihealth gives to people in a need. The tenure period for such loans varies from 6 months to 36 months depending upon the medical loan amount. Depending upon the eligibility, one can apply for crediloan from all banks and NBFCs.

Steps to avail CrediLoan: Crediloan, a special medical loan can be availed in the below steps -

Basic Details: Fill in your loan requirement along with the reason for availing the load with other basic details like name, email, phone number, city, etc.

Know more about load: The interest rate is very much dependent upon the loan amount and its tenure. You can configure both of them to know the exact rate of interest you will be charged for your loan. Moreover, various applicable offers details will be present in this section.

Approval: All the above details can be filled online followed by an online approval process to provide a hassle-free customer experience. You can check your application status online and if approved, it will be provided as per terms and conditions.

Features and benefits: Makin healthcare affordable and accessible is what we aim and crediloan is one of those steps in that direction. Not everyone has time and money in case of an emergency. So we created a product which is available easily with minimum documentation and can be quickly disbursed. Below are the features and benefits of our product

Cover all medical emergencies

Fast and easy approval

Minimum documentation

A wide network of partner Banks and NBFCs

Attractive low-interest rates

Tenure period as per your convenience

Quick disbursement of load

So, don’t break your current investments or sell a registered property or liquidate FD to pay your medical bills in case of emergency instead just avail crediloan to make your life tension and Hussle free.


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