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Is it Time to Replace the Pipeline? Let’s Find it Out

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You may have various reasons to replace your pipeline. But you need to choose a repair process that is cost-effective and takes less time. CIPP or Cured-in-place pipe is the best alternative to the conventional pipeline repairing method. It is safe, hassle-free, and can be done within the existing pipeline.

CIPP: The Modern Way of Repairing Pipes

The CIPP repair process is gaining popularity among business owners for being the modern replacement of repairing commercial pipelines. CIPP is the quickest, long-lasting, non-invasive, and environment-friendly method of repairing pipelines that cause nominal disruption. The cracks, roots, and holes can be repaired without digging, hence your buildings and landscapes won’t be affected for accessing the pipes. The entire process of lining and repairing can be done within 24-hours so you can save a lot of money.

CIPP Pipeline Repair: When to Replace the Pipes?

As a commercial property owner, you need to have a sewer system in a fully functioning state to run your business smoothly. But you can experience difficulty with your commercial pipeline that needs to be repaired or replaced. Some of the reasons when you need CIPP repairing are,

        The pipes are corroded.

        The pipes have become old.

        The pipes have cracks and holes in them.

        The pipes are covered with roots.

        The pipes are damaged because of ground movement.

        The pipes are calcified.

CIPP Repair: The Working Procedure

The working process of the CIPP pipeline repair is very different from the traditional repairing job. It does not require digging and excavation. Instead of replacing the broken or corroded pipe, a new one is created inside the main pipeline. A tube made of resin is inserted into the corroded pipe and positioned with the help of either air pressure or water. The new pipe is cured to form a water-resistant and corrosion-free seal to make it tight. Plumbing & pipeline solutions are the go-to places for all your commercial pipeline replacements and repairs.

CIPP Pipeline Repair: Why Choose this Method?

As a business owner, you will always look into a method that is beneficial to you in many ways. The best part of choosing the CIPP repair method provides a similar kind of structural strength just like the traditional procedure of excavation for replacing and laying a new pipe. Some of the other advantages of the CIPP repair process are as follows,

        Inexpensive Alternative

You will see both long and short-term advantages of the CIPP replacement procedure. There are various factors on which the cost of installation is dependent. But when you look at factors like labor cost and digging, CIPP is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional procedure.

        Much Safer Process

CIPP pipeline repair is a much safer process. When your workers and laborers are involved, you have to see they do not face any problem. Since this process is completely done underground, it eliminates the risks that are associated with the conventional replacement method. It also protects the replaced areas from molds, asbestos, and natural elements.

        Perfect for Multiple Pipe Damages

CIPP pipelining works for multiple types of pipe damages. Many issues can be solved at once when you choose this modern method of pipe repairing. It works for any type and size of pipelines.


CIPP is a method that is much faster and efficient compared to the conventional process. Digging up old pipes and replacing them can be time-consuming. You need to opt for this modern technique where the pipes are cured with minimal digging, the pipelines are set, and are made ready for immediate use.

        Long-Lasting Process

The CIPP pipelining process is a long-lasting method. You can get rid of your old pipes and get a new set of them that will last you for about 50-years. The new pipes are corrosion and rust-resistant and give a good return to your investment.

        Best Solution for Large Buildings

If you have a large-scale enterprise, multi-family business, or large commercial buildings, then the CIPP pipelining process is perfect for you. The pipes can be repaired without much digging, tearing, and significantly damaging the walls, floors, and structure of the building.


When choosing CIPP for replacing your pipelines, ensure only technicians and workers with specialized knowledge and skills work as training and experience matters in this kind of procedure for repairing and replacing the old and damaged pipes.

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