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Is journalism the right career option for you? Read here

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Students who find themselves interested in journalism must be aware that their talents are not just confined within publishing breaking news or technical writing. Journalism careers have slipped into a wide range of business sectors that were previously not known for. Read through the following career after BA journalism that you can opt for right after graduating.

  • Content marketer

    Content marketers utilise their strong writing capability to create videos, articles and images for editorial calendars to develop brand awareness. They are required to possess a good sense of connection between customers and the brand to work on target emails, content, social media posts, and potential creative forms of communication to different phases in a customer’s experience.

  • Copywriter

    Copywriters develop the message that needs to be delivered, through an advertisement. Candidates are expected to be naturally persuasive and super-creative, as well as must be capable of cramming a lot of convincing information into fewer words, trying to grab the attention of the audience.

  • Corporate communications specialist

    Corporate communication specialists are hunted by major corporations who want to communicate company-specific information to their employees, as well as the media press. These professionals are in charge of creating and distributing every news from beneficial information to internal news stories to the details of any upcoming events.

  • Editor

    Editors are responsible for overseeing every step of the publishing process, by collaborating with writers to plan and modify content for publication. They are hired basically where there is a need for telling a story, such as magazines, newspapers and online media outlets.

  • Grant writer

    Grant writers hold a crucial position in every academic institute or research centres. They deploy their persuasive talents to demonstrate the importance of a non-profit organisation's projects through written proposals to win the funds necessary to promote them.

  • Public relations specialist

    Public relations specialist utilises their journalism background to regularly interact with journalists and effectively communicate the concerned organisations' messages. They are experts at maintaining a favourable public image and put together media releases to help develop public perception for the organisations they represent.

  • Reporter

    Reporters inform the public about the latest news and events, spending much of their time onthe field, conducting interviews and investigating happenings. They must be prepared to work on tight deadlines in a fast-paced professional environment.

  • Social media specialist

    Social media specialists are employed by a brand or organisation, where they communicate with the public through social media platforms, with the purpose of building a favourable reputation. They also engage in reviewing data and analytics to analyse how they can improve a company’s social performance.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in journalism is sure to instil in you the right wordsmith skills to impress potential employers in the field of journalism.

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