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Is LPG A Natural Gas?

As the world is growing bigger and better every day, its people need to think more about the fuel they are using. Cause anything is not infinite in this world, and we need better solutions to make our existence possible through fuel consumption. 

Natural Gas

In another word, natural gas is also referred to as Fossil gas. This natural gas is being formed over a million years of decomposition. When a plant or animal or any compound of deciduous hydrocarbons are decomposed under huge pressure and heat, there is formed natural gas. The chemical structure of natural gas is simpler, usually methane (CH4). The production of natural gas is also simpler, inside of the environment itself. It is collected as the bi-product of natural oil sometimes. The pricing is unique and the greenhouse effect is soothing than the other fuels.

About LPG

On the other hand, LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is not like natural gas. It is a complex mixture of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). LPG is quite made for commercial purposes. It is an alternative to natural gas or other fuel gases. If we check the comparison between LPG and LNG, the facts are easily understandable. 


By the, we can pretty beautifully compare the differences between LPG and LNG. The website is a complete encyclopedia of different types of gases, gas-related equipment, and other gas-related topics. The comparison between LPG and LNG are discussed above.

  • Safety

The first factor is safety. Which is the safer one? The answer is LNG or natural gas. As the natural gas is lighter than the LPG, or Liquified Petroleum Gas. The specific gravity index is much lower for natural gas.

  • Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is much dependent on the unit of purchases. The unit is not the same for LPG and LNG. LPG is sold in kg or ton, whereas LPG is sold by the BTU, British Thermal Unit. Converting the unit kg to BTU, the LPG is slightly cheaper than LNG. Cost efficiency depends on the pricing in the local markets too. The same product may vary in prices in different markets.

  • Chemical Composition

Another difference between LPG and LNG is the chemical composition between them. And for your kind information, the chemical composition determines many physical and chemical characteristics of the compounds too. LNG or natural gas is pure methane (CH4). On the other hand, LPG is a mixture of propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10). That sums the differences in their properties like melting point, pressure point, etc. Too.

  • Impact on the Environment

The last thing we should keep in mind that the fuel’s impact on the environment. LNG or natural gas exhales more greenhouse gas than LPG but creates more toxins for the air. Whereas, LPG does the opposite.


Fuel consumption is one of the critical questions of this century. As the growth of population is getting increased and the resources for its population is not up to the mark, we should consider the more efficient means in our lives. This will help us to commit to nature too.

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