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Is MA Honours Degree worth Doing from IGNOU?

Here are some facts & figures for those who are going to take admissions in IGNOU for MA Course. In India, most of the students are not in position to afford Higher Education through regular mode, many student leave colleges after graduation and rush for the Job to fulfil their financial needs. 

Here comes Distance learning into the picture, and when we talk about distance education, IGNOU is not only India’s but world’s largest open University to offer huge number of courses at Under Graduate & Post Graduate Level.

Is MA Honours from IGNOU is Worth Doing?

 What you call worthy? Something that solve your purpose and need, that is considered as worthy, Isn’t it? Indira Gandhi National Open University is fully recognized by University Grant Commission of India & Distance Education Bureau. That means any qualification you gain through IGNOU will be genuine and acceptable world-wide.

Secondly, you do not have to attend regular classes, you can complete you MA Honours from IGNOU while working or discharging other duties you might have. Weekly classes are given through number of study centres across the country.

Thirdly, which is most important part is FEE. IGNOU Fee Structure is very much affordable compare to any other private Institution. IGNOU is a Govt. undertaking Institution hence you are going to get very much affordable fee structure for almost all courses.

So’ Doing MA Honours from IGNOU could be a wise decision if you are not able to afford the Regular Studies. 

What all Honours options are Available with IGNOU in MA?

 Indira Gandhi National Open University-IGNOU offers range of Honours options under Master of Arts Program. Ignou offers Honours degree in almost all popular segments under Master of Arts- for the instance- 

Hindi, English, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Education, Rural Developments, Psychology, Philosophy, History etc. List is long, you can check the official IGNOU Website to see the full course information.

How Difficult is to Complete MA Honours from IGNOU?

Many students are concerned about the passing result of Ignou, being honest the passing result is not so satisfying. But that doesn’t mean you cannot complete MA Honours from Ignou. Passing percentage is little low that is because many students don’t appear in exams, some do not start studying on time, Some schedule for last hour study. 

One can easily overcome these difficulties, and the one who take the course seriously, doesn’t fail. There are few things you should follow in time-

  1. Collect Study Materials timely- Ignou delivers Study Materials by Post to every student after enrolment. In case you do not get it on time, must approach to your study centre & demand the learning materials. You may also download soft copy of your Ignou MA Study Materials from egyankosh website.

  2. Try & Attend Weekly Classes- University has opened large numbers of Study Centres to provide weekly classes & updates to the students. If you attend the weekly classes, it could be more prepare for the Term End Exams.

  3. Refer the Ignou Previous Exam Papers- If you refer the previous question papers of Ignou, suppose for last 8-10 years, you going to get Idea of the Most Important topics & most frequently asked questions. That is the key for your preparations.

  4. Try Ignou Exam Help Guides/ Reference Books- There are few private publishers to offer you exam oriented Ignou Guide Books for different courses. That are readymade study materials for the exam preparation. This can smoothen your learning efforts.

This is not the end, apart from the above you should know that Ignou exams are divided into two parts- 

  • First Part is Ignou Tutor Marks Assignments & 

  • Second part is Term End Examinations (Theory Exams).

Ignou Assignments are the Home Work which you need to complete & submit to your study center for all subjects & each year. Ignou Solved Assignments has 30% Weightage which will reflect in your final marksheet. 

That means-each Ignou Assignment & final theory exams both has 100 marks each and whatever marks you score, out of that 30% will be from your Assignments & 70% from the Term Theory Exams.

By doing well in Assignment work, you can improve you passing chances very well. Also, when you write your Assignments, this will be a learning while writing. 


In the past decade IGNOU has set a global standard in Distance Education, hence If you have time limitations and financial boundations, IGNOU is the best to meet your higher education goal. You can easily gain Master Degree in Arts while working. 

A Degree from IGNOU is a fully recognised Valid Degree with global acceptance. 

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