Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Is Saving A Video On Tiktok The Same As Downloading It?

Often times when you find an interesting video on TikTok and rush to show it to someone, you accidentally refresh the page and lose that video. This is quite a common mistake and repeated incident. What you can do in a situation like that is save the video in your account.

After you have saved the video, even though you can get it whenever you want to, you will always need an internet connection to view it.

If that is a bother, you can simply download the video. Downloading the video will save it on your phone instead of your account. This way, you can always view the video even without an internet connection.

What Is The Process Of Downloading A Tiktok Video Online?

It would not be wrong to say that every different online TikTok downloader has a process specific to its website. However, if you leave out the intricacies of the process, most of these services have a basic pattern.

The steps mentioned below apply to every online video downloader and are not specific to any website. Keep reading further to know more about how you can easily download your favourite TikTok videos.

  • Copy The Video Link From Tiktok

Firstly, you will have to copy the link to the video you want to download from the application itself. This is a rather easy step and does not require much practice. It is like copying a link from anywhere, on any app.

Once you are on the app and have found the video you want to download, just click on the ‘Share’ option. Clicking on that will take you to a different window that shows the different ways you can share the video. You do not have to pay heed to any of that information.

All you have to do is search for the ‘Copy Link’ option, and that is it. You have now successfully copied the link to that video.

  • Paste The Link On The Website:

The next step after you have copied the link is even simpler. Search the URL of the online TikTok downloader you have chosen.

Once you are on the home page, you will see a bar that prompts you to paste the copied link on it. Do precisely that, and hit download. It will ask you which folder on your device you want to download the video in. on selecting the desired folder; the video will start downloading. You do not have to do anything else.

Can You Download A Video Without The Watermark?

The main issue people face with using online downloaders is their watermark. No one likes to see the aesthetic of a video get ruined for some blatant promotion.

Luckily, you can avoid it. There are only a couple of online downloaders that allow you to do this, so you have to be very strict with your search. The process is rather simple. You have to copy the link to the video by following the steps mentioned above.

Then instead of pasting it directly on the downloader, this time, you paste it on your browser's address field. All you have to do then is add the letter 'q' before the word 'tiktok' on the link. With that, your video will start downloading after following a particular link, but without the watermark this time.

In Conclusion

To its credit, downloading a TikTok video is quite efficient and helpful. However, before choosing an online downloader, beware of malware and viruses. If you are too curious to get more exposure to your content, you may try to find authentic sources to buy TikTok views. Please make sure you check its reviews before using it.

Raj Doshi
Raj Doshi
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