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Is Sports With Muscle Pain A Wise Thing To Do?

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Have you trained hard in any kind of sport and are you unsure whether it is wise to exercise? You trained a lot yesterday and you start to get muscle pain or already have this. Your muscles feel heavy. In fact, muscle pain can be a barrier to whether or not to exercise. Whether you're doing strength training, fitness, running or cycling, muscle pain can be a barrier to whether or not you want to go. But when is it wise not to squeak and keep on blasting and when is it useful to take a break? At the end of this article, you will know exactly when to exercise and when not to exercise with muscle pain.

What is muscle pain?

As the name implies, muscle pain is a pain in the muscles. Sounds logical, but where does this come from? The moment you train, small microscopic tears appear in your muscles. This is not a problem because the body will recover it, provided you give the muscles enough rest. The muscle pain is actually the pain you have from these small tears in the muscles. You also have the pain that you can experience during exercise itself if you use the muscles. This is a pain you have from using the muscles. It can also be pain from an injury, this is often also mentioned under muscle pain. So it is good to see what kind of muscle pain it is. If you do not know this, consult a physiotherapist if you think it is an injury. For more information on what muscle pain is and how to get rid of it, see our other article.

When not exercising with muscle pain

As mentioned earlier, you do need a certain amount of rest for the muscles. Otherwise, they can never recover. It can also be muscle pain from an injury. This is also an example of a type of muscle pain that you should not have when you train. It is therefore not recommended to use the limb where the injury is located. Call in a physiotherapist and get advice about this. Use a sports bra with front closure (translated to Dutch: sport bh met voorsluiting) for high support.


A Shock Absorber sports bra is designed with quick-drying materials, which eliminate friction on key areas that help maintain body temperature during every exercise. The materials of the Shock Absorber sports bra are made of durable, abrasion-resistant fabrics that minimize fluff.


Furthermore, it is also not wise to use the muscles where you really have a lot of muscle pain. With a lot of muscle pain, I mean that you really suffer from it. You are really limited in the movement. This is really a sign that the muscle could use some extra rest.

Why is rest so important for muscle pain?

Now you may ask, why is rest so important? I have just touched on it, but this is important because the muscle has to recover from the stress you have put on the muscle. Whenever you use your muscles, small cracks appear, and these cracks must be repaired. With the right nutrition against muscle pain and enough rest, you will get rid of your muscle pain. Relax in a beautiful Wacoal bra (translated to Dutch: wacoal bh) in the evening times after exercises.


In fact, if you do this correctly, your performance will actually increase. They call this super-compensation. You train, which ultimately reduces your performance. Just think, the further you get in your training, the less weight you gain or the slower you will run. Logical because you just sour. By this, I mean that your muscles are getting tired. Eventually, your body will work hard to repair these aforementioned muscle tears. And the beauty of the human body is that it does this harder than necessary to repair the cracks. This makes your muscles bigger. But to get this effect, you need enough rest. You can also see this in the image below.

Why is Is a good sports bra so important?

In addition to good shoes and sportswear, it is important that you choose a suitable and reliable sports bra. In sports, the breast is in motion, but unfortunately, our breast is not naturally prepared for these movements - to avoid pain and stretching of the sensitive connective tissue, wear a good sports bra. During sports such as running or horse riding, the chest is exposed to extreme loads - the chest moves up and down by approx. 9 centimeters per step. These unwanted movements are reduced by an optimally fitting sports bra by up to 78%. We have a suitable sports bra for every movement intensity, which is perfectly tailored to the needs of the female body. Find out everything about our sports bras and which sports bra is most suitable for you via the menu below.


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