Monday, October 2, 2023
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Is Stretching applicable in the 21st century

How many of you think that doingstretching is relatable in the 21st century?Some people think that stretching is too outdated in times of treadmills and air-conditioned gyms. But on the other hand, are the experts who are in favor of stretching to be done regularly by everyone.

Why do we need Stretching in modern times?

Have you ever heard of our ancestors and forefathers suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or osteoporosis? No. But they ate all kinds of food and in much more quantity than ours, but they weren’t obsessed and lived a happy and fit life. And in fact, they didn’t do any stretching, the reason behind their health was their routine which was itself no less than circuit training. Imagine walking for kilometers, pulling out large buckets full of water from the well,and then again walking back several kilometers just for water. But in the 21st century, we have gadgets for drinking pure water, for making chapatti, and even electronic toothbrushes.

Why Stretching causes pain when done after a long time?

All the time from getting up in the morning till sleeping in the night also while working, our body is stuck in a particular position with no little movement at all. This results in tightening of the muscles and with continuous days of no movement, the tissues of that specific area become fixed and whenever you make any small movement, the inertia of that tissue is to remain fixed but you are forcing it to make a motion and this state of transformation causes pain to us when we start doing stretching after a break of a long time.

Can all age groups perform stretching?

Stretching is for anyone and every age, some people either don’t have time or are unable to perform hardcore exercises like power yoga, circuit training, and other such military stuff.For such people, doing stretching for 20 to 30 minutes is more than enough to remain fit even at older ages.

How is Stretching beneficial for our body?

Stretching is beneficial for our body in every possible sense, from bringing the stress levels down, to make your body flexible enough to perform any mechanical task with ease. Let’s understand why does stretching feel good?

Brings down Stress levels

In several cases, it has been found that the root cause of stress was muscle pain which further spread to other parts of the body. On stretching for few weeks as your body gets accustomed to it the tightened muscles become relaxed which makes the tissues flexible.

This releases the pain from the joints,and a hormone named endorphin is released by the body during the stretching of the muscles. This endorphin exuberates a positive vibe in the whole body which helps in the uplifting of your mood. And this is the reason why does stretching feel so good.

Enhances Flexibility

Have you ever noticed that how gymnastics can twist their body like rubber, but on the other we on just on running one day get a hamstring? The reason is the flexibility, the tissues in a gymnast’s body are capable of enduring more pressure than the tissues in our body.

Are there any precautions for Stretching?

Some people might be wondering stretching is not any medicine which we are taking then why precautions. The reason is that Stretching needs to be done systematically otherwise you may damage your muscles.

·         If you are stretching after a long time make sure you do it slowly and gradually, don’t overdo it on the first day itself, if you are facing difficulty doing 20 times do it 10 times. 

·         While stretching a muscle if it hurts you to an extent, try stretching till it’s comfortable for you. With time your flexibility will allow you to increases your extent, now you know why Stretching feels good.

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