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Is Whipped Cream Bad For You?

In Melbourne Australia, whipped cream is becoming greatly popular and it’s increasingly being served in restaurants. It’s also becoming a staple in most homes because most domestic chefs are now more willing to try out what used to be the preserve of commercial chefs.

What’s whipped cream? And what is heavy cream?

Whipped cream refers to the many foam types that are found in the kitchen, which give you a tasty, fluffy foam-like substance. Whipped cream contains fat content of at least 32 percent, and can be made fresh from home. However, some brands are sold in supermarkets that can last for longer. Homemade whipped creams have a shorter shelf life. Also available is the heavy cream, which is similar to the whipped cream, but has high-fat content. This is what contributes to its amazing thickness.

Is whipped cream bad for you?

Whipped cream is a delicacy that many people would love to indulge in occasionally. Although there have been lots of confusion about whether whipped cream is bad for you, the truth is that it’s good. However, you should consume a moderate amount of it because it has got a high percentage of saturated fats. Here are the benefits that whipped cream offers.

It’s a fantastic energy booster

The first and the most noticeable benefit that whipped cream offers is boosted energy. Each serving provides up to 450kcal, which is enough to provide anyone with a serious energy boost. For those who feel like their energy level has gone down and needed a little boost, adding whipped cream to your meal can provide you with the energy boost that you need.

Helps you to deal with weight gain problems

When it comes to weight gain, what most people get preoccupied with is the tactics that they can use.  If you have struggled for years to gain some weight, then including whipped cream in your diet all the time helps. The only shortcut that you can use to gain more weight is when you eat more fat. But you should eat in moderation because whipped creams have a high percentage of saturated fats which may be harmful if consumed in excessive amounts.

Whipped creams is a healthy treat

There is a long list of threats that could harm your body, but whipped cream is not one of them, you could add it on top of your greens and salads and make it taste better every day. If a small amount of it is taken every day, this healthy treat can help make a big difference.

Reduces the development of kidney stones

Whipped cream is high in calcium, and this helps in ensuring that the probability of getting kidney stones is kept at the lowest. Also, there is a considerable amount of sodium in whipped creams, which is known to be beneficial for people who suffer from certain kinds of kidney conditions.

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