Is Your Kitty Trembling Under a Blanket? We Have Listed a Few Potential Causes!


Shivering is a survival instinct that helps keep creatures warm under cold conditions. So if your cat is having chills in winter, it is because of the cold weather. Provide your fur baby with thermal blankets and warm zones to rest in such times. Also, you may want to buy cat sweaters for them to wear while walking outside the home, like in the garden area.

However, if your cat is trembling most of the time for unknown reasons, you probably need to take your kitty to the vet to get it examined. Secure your kitty’s health by purchasing cat insurance, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected medical expenses rolling in.

Compare pet insurancefor cats online to know what health conditions and services are covered under various plans offered by insurers. After researching well, you can sign up for a policy to guard your pet for medical emergencies. We have shared a few of the most common health issues that may cause shivering in cats.

Low Blood Sugar

In medical terms, we call it “Hypoglycemia” and it is one of the common reasons for cats shivering. Feed your kitty a treat or sumptuous meal and monitor the situation. If you find the shivers fading away, then it means the blood sugar levels have improved.

Their blood sugar level may also fall if your cat is facing a digestive issue. Make sure you feed your cat correctly and on time to maintain normal glucose levels. Let your cat lick a little honey to restore blood glucose levels instantly. Then, consult the vet to know more about it.

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High Fever

Also known as “Hyperthermia”. If you think your cat is shaking because of chills, use a thermometer to check if the body temperature is average. Any deviations from the typical values show a due trip to the vet. Other symptoms of sickness with a high fever include – warm ears, loss of appetite, and lethargy.

Low Body Temperature

This is known as “Hypothermia” in medical language. A fall in the internal body temperature is also a matter of concern for cat parents. This condition also leads to shivering, usually in young or old cats, and can cause damage to organs or worse if temperatures fall further. You may need to wrap your kitty in a warm blanket and use heating pads in cold weather to keep it cozy.

Pain And Discomfort

Cats are good at hiding their pain. They don’t express it openly, so people around them think they are perfectly fine. However, trembling is a visible sign that neither your kitty can hide nor you may fail to notice. If you spot your kitty suffering from shivers, it is probably because of an injury or illness. Take your kitty right away to the vet for a medical examination.


If your kitty is experiencing anything stressful, then it may become scared because of anxiousness. Kitties take time to adapt to new places or other new things. For instance, if a kitty noticed a new piece of furniture that you bought a home or an unknown feline moving around in the street caught its eye, then it may fret about them.

Cats thrive on predictability. Anything they don’t understand can be considered potentially dangerous. Comfort your kitty by providing it with toys, high cat climbing trees, wall perches, etc., to take its attention away from the upsetting objects. Cats feel safe in high places and dark corners. Make necessary arrangements so that they can relax in those areas.

Even with the best care taken, sometimes cats may fall ill. Such things may happen because of medical conditions or psychological issues, like fear or anxiety. Having pet insurance for cats helps you with your kitty’s medical expenses for diagnosis and treatment, and lifts some financial burden off your shoulders. Get cat insurance to cover your kitty’s health emergencies as well as its routine care.