Monday, October 2, 2023
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Is Your Online Gaming Site Thriving? Powerful Traffic Pulling Techniques for Gamers

With a value of $59 billion in 2020, online gaming is thriving and will continue growing at a tremendous rate. It is estimated to grow to $93 billion by 2023. How much of this jackpot is coming your way as an online gaming entrepreneur? It is no secret that this lucrative industry is pulling in investors by the thousands.  What can you do to stand out from the crowd and claim a bigger slice of the pie?

Referral Marketing

Online gamers, especially sports bettors, are always looking for that extra edge that comes with insider knowledge. They will scour punter sites looking for history, analysis, predictions, and other tidbits.  Some punter sites have become very popular because of their in-depth information.

Working with these popular sites for referral purposes can boost your traffic very quickly.  Put up a generous affiliate program to incentivize them.  The beauty of this is that you pay for tangible leads.

The second option is to work through registered customers. Generate an affiliate link for anyone interested in referring their friends. Leads generated by personal referrals are more solid because the registered customer has already done the convincing on your behalf.

Free Play and Generous Incentives

You will have to be very creative in offering incentives. This is because thousands of other online gaming sites will likely be offering similar incentives. But this is one marketing tactic that you can’t ignore. People will always go where the deal is better.

Free play is one of the best incentives for unregistered players. Many players will want to have a feel of your games and the user experience before playing for real money.  You could allow free play with locked levels or games. Borgata online casino bonuses show a good example of how to offer bonuses on an online casino.

Other incentives include signing up bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, win bonuses, and bonuses on specific bets.

Social Media Micro-influencers

Sports stars are widely liked and followed by loyal fans. Even local small-town sports stars have several thousands of followers.  Many of these followers know each other outside of social media. It pays to work with a micro-influencer i.e. someone with a following of up to 10,000 of such fans. There is a higher level of loyalty and a higher level of trust in smaller circles.

Influencers are useful in making brand endorsements. You can work out a one-time deal or a sponsorship deal that runs for a period. A micro-influencer is more open to marketing arrangements. You are also likely to get a better bargain than when working with a big star. Sometimes you will be lucky to work with a fast-rising star who can pull up your brand as his/her profile grows.

Themed Games

What differentiates your slot games from the next online game provider?  Themed games give your games a flair that resonates with people who are fans of that culture.  Ancient Egyptian-themed games, for example, will pull in fans of epic tales, movies, and video games.

Improve User Experience

Bad user experience is a big turn off for potential customers. The majority of online gamers are playing on their smartphones. Your online gaming platform should be optimized for playing on mobile. A dedicated app works better than a website for smartphone play.

Making it easy for customer deposits and withdrawals is a big attraction for customers. Accepting cryptocurrency deposits, for example, has become a big pull for people sensitive about their privacy.

You can claim your share of the lucrative online gaming if you are willing to go the extra step and stand out from the crowd.  The market is there for the taking by the bold and imaginative.

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