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Is Your Upstream Production Activity Capturing The Right Data?

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FDC Mobility

Every upstream company focuses on the best turnkey IT solutions to optimize the production activity. Field data capture remains presently a golden standard to deliver ROI. If you are unsatisfied with the insights produced by the current systems, then it is time to rethink and furthermore reboot the methods.

Look for flexibility, evolved processes, and a little boost to the IT department. The use of advanced configured software will culminate your vision to improve the production activity.

The Fundamentals of Capturing Data:

Drilling cycle data can produce better results with the assistance of software-based solutions. It is possible in the following ways to be technically proficient:

  • Understanding the field data capture prerequisites before opting for the tailor made solutions.
  • Getting the best customer service and support after the installation.
  • Software apps offering flexibility and agility to improve quality of emerging data.
  • Choosing a service provider with more than 15 years’ experience in configuring solutions for upstream companies.
  • Offering competitive costs to investment.
  • Management of volumes and pressures in active wellbores.
  • Analysis of previous data to facilitate modern projects.
  • Assessment and management of data procured from all sections.
  • Conforming to the US energy industry norms and compliances.

Field Data Capture Scenario:

Oil companies in coastal areas in USA have relied on other technologies after doing away with flawed manual management techniques. Because of several inconsistencies with duplication of data, the exercise is redundant and worthless. Many apps have local arms which are not useful to other users. This has been a perennial problem with single worksheets. Even the old workstations need infrastructure upgrade to support the new apps. Today project managers are looking for easy to use web apps where the staff training is minimal. They encourage the staff to recognize which wells are ideal for drilling and which can be abandoned. The information is obtainable to everyone online. For the best FDC capabilities, it is essential for the service provider to offer a slew of features in the software. It ultimately supports the lease operators to work resourcefully.

Flexible software can provide data in any format and from tanks, wellbores, meters and other equipment used for drilling process. They are applicable to remote rig sites where measuring chemicals, EH&S and specific geo locations. The flexible features additionally allow capturing the number of miles a vehicle has logged. Inspections can be conducted from one site to another, and information capturing is quick. It is also possible to detect and plug leaks, identify corrosions of tanks and if the equipment is getting antiquated and rusty. Any order that threats to create risks can also be identified during the examination stage. It is vital for lease operators to stop a well from shutting down abruptly. The company incurs costs, and they can oversee the results with the help of the data capture, much before a well is abandoned.

Ideal Features of an FDC System:

Exploration companies require unique processes to capture data. An ideal system should boast of the following features:

  • If the apps are focused on obtaining details of the well, then the dashboard should have its 360-degree view.
  • A map showing the well details is essential. If need be more layers of maps can be added.
  • Details of mud log should be visible, diagrams showing the drilling process and other catalogs.
  • The migration of data must be smooth across all online platforms.
  • A separate dashboard should display the well timelines and events that will be required for production activity.
  • Anyone should be able to search the data in the form of text.
  • Tracking data during migration or when it is being produced onsite.
  • Access to specific authorized persons or the IT admin.

To make the system more reliable and transparent the worksheet management should include additional features like:

  • Recovery of Data
  • Its Validation
  • Measurement of Infrequent Readings
  • Average Back
  • Customized forms for Data Entry

Mobility Versions:

Software that helps capture ticket recognition is extremely useful. An image can be captured and used as a record. It reduces time for the lease operators. They can simply click a picture, review it, authenticate it, and save the records. With advanced mobility people can integrate data offline. Apps are able to auto sync and navigate the systems. This is very valuable when staff works in remote locations. When connectivity is there, the data can be captured and then reviewed offline. When the devices are connected the entire route map is visible to the lease operator.

There are many solutions that oil companies can implement. Choosing the most advanced configured software should be on your mind to capture the right field data.

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