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IT Disaster Recovery Services From Intellect IT

Every business is at risk of an IT disaster occurring whether it is natural such as floods and fires, or human such as physical theft and damage. When an IT disaster hits, critical business functions can be affected resulting in lengthy downtimes, loss of revenue, the company’s reputation being damaged and much more. Since 2003, Intellect IT has been helping businesses by implementing effective IT disaster recovery services to ensure that if disaster strikes, they can instantly bounce back.

Firstly, what is disaster recovery? It involves a set of procedures and policies that allow the recovery or continuation of an IT infrastructure after the event of an IT disaster. This results in the interruption and disruption of core operations which can lead to absolutely devastating results. While digital attacks such as hacking and malware are a threat, the main cause of an IT disaster is from human error. To help avoid this situation, Intellect IT can create an IT disaster recovery plan that will provide a clear strategy that will protect your physical and virtual infrastructure. This means that you can respond quickly in the event of an outage. This can benefit your business in many ways.

With IT disaster recovery, you can dramatically reduce the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) by quickly restoring all services, applications and systems. This reduced restore time also means businesses can avoid a large amount of lost revenue from a lengthy downtime. This also avoids any extra spending that would occur, such as the costs of hiring technical support to resolve the issue.

Customers can be very unforgiving in the event of an IT disaster or downtime. With efficient IT disaster recovery services from Intellect IT, not only is your business’s reputation and image protected with a quick recovery but also your customer base is as well. If your business cannot provide services that meet the customer’s expectations, they will leave and find another company, and it can be extremely hard to win them back.

Creating and implementing a disaster recovery plan can be time-consuming. It involves a comprehensive and detailed approach involving communications, software and hardware, networking equipment and thorough testing to ensure that your disaster recovery plan efficiently meets your business requirements and goals. This means that you need to select an IT managed service provider that will work closely with you to ensure that all your needs are met.

When working with Intellect IT, they can conduct an assessment of your current IT infrastructure to ensure that the right solutions are implemented according to your needs. They can provide public, private and hybrid cloud solutions if required and also provide storage, desktop and network virtualisation services. By constantly reviewing, consolidating and optimising your virtualised environment, your business can continue to deliver optimal results.

For expert IT disaster recovery services, talk to the professionals at Intellect IT. For more information, and to view their extensive range of IT services, visit their website today.

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