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It is possible to monetize your family recipes: here's how

Your family has been making some of the most outstanding and lip-smacking dishes for everyone to enjoy. You have been a part of this tradition for a long time now and have enjoyed those recipes more than anyone else. So, if you are trying to monetize your family recipes and earn from that, then you are able to do so. Well, you need to create an app for that, and the recipes app maker will help you with the best shot here.

If this is your first time ever making a recipe app, then you don’t know the steps to perform. You might get a bit overwhelmed at first, but not anymore when you have the app maker by your side to help. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out the ways to create a recipe app and then monetize the same.

The basic steps to follow:

First of all, you need to visit the official website of the app maker, which will help you to create recipe apps. With few clicks here and there, you can start building the first app. Later, it is time to add the desired features to the app. Some of those are surveys, maps, video, audio, and similar such features. For monetizing your app, you can add features like polls, ads, and more.

The app dashboard for some extra features:

You can always use the app dashboard to add features to the app. It will have all the major parts that you need to use in the app. Some of those are downloading the app, build manager, app settings manager, items ads setup, monetization manager, dashboard item settings, content manager, edit dashboard items, and app previews. You will even find options like dashboard tree manager, activities manager, and global project manager to be added in your recipe app if you want to.

Choosing a theme:

Make sure to choose the right theme based on the type of app you are going for. You can do that by clicking on the “create app for free” button. Later, the page will show all the theme templates, which you can then select as per your choice.

Adding up content to activity type:

It is now time to add that content to the recipe app builder. In this section, you need to add the recipe in words. With one detailed format, viewers can easily understand the dish you are talking about along with the recipes as well.

Ways to monetize your recipes:

This is the main reason for you to work your way with the recipe app maker. You want to monetize your family recipes. For that section, you will receive four different options to move with.

  1. Facebook Android: Through the major social media platform Facebook, you get the chance to socialize the app and reach a large audience for promoting the app now.

  2. AdMob Android: This is yet another feature that you can use for monetizing your recipe app. In this platform, the users will get the opportunity to run some ads.

  3. Splash screen: It is the very first screen of any app, where you can cover up your design. You can even set the time for the screen to be made visible to the viewers. So, the more views you can grab, the better chances you to earn from the recipes.

  4. Interstitial: It is one form of ad, which will appear right in between the activities in the app and will help you to make money out of it. The main goal of such ads is to grab people’s attention and force them to visit your recipe app now!

Don’t forget about the settings:

There are some new options available under the setting section, and you can follow those to match your needs. Those setting options are Basic, Icon, pro features, Rate us section, and Launch notice. As you can understand from the names, each setting will target a particular set of tasks. For example, the launch notice will talk about the launching date of the app or any feature.

So, be sure to check out the settings and keep updating the recipe app if you want to make it attractive and use it to earn money at the same time.


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