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Items You Should Be Bringing to the Office

If you work full time, you spend a huge chunk of your life in the office, so why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible? You may not be able to change your location or the harsh overhead lighting, but there are plenty of ways to make your desk space, cubicle, or office feel more like home. Here are the items you should be bringing to work.

1. Snacks

Bringing your own lunch can save you time and money, but there's no harm in eating out every once in a while. 


However, when the brain fog strikes, or you forget to eat breakfast and a grumbling stomach is interrupting your work flow, it's a good idea to keep some snacks on hand so you don't have to go hunting for them. If you forget to eat or tend to be rushed in the morning, you might want to try keeping breakfast and your USANA Health Sciences supplements at your desk. Plus, if you're trying to eat healthier, you can keep healthy snacks at your desk to keep you from being tempted by foods left in the break room.

2. Support Equipment

Sitting at a desk all day can involve some serious health risks. If you type a lot, you could eventually be looking at a repetitive stress injury. Left untreated, your typing position could cause permanent damage. To preserve your mobility and comfort at your desk, consider replacing your desk chair, or adding support cushions to make your current one more comfortable. A foot rest can do wonders, and a new ergonomic keyboard or wrist rest can grant some sweet relief. It's also an opportunity to add some fun color and personality to your space.

3. Mini Everything

You'd be surprised by how many modern conveniences come in a smaller size! You may not be able to do anything about the chilly temperature of the whole building, but you can use a mini heater to warm up your immediate area. Top it off with a heated blanket and you'll be even better equipped to moderate your cubicle temperature. Do you hate getting up every couple of hours for a new cold drink? You can fit a mini fridge the perfect size for beverages and small snacks right on your desk. Get hot easily? Try a mini fan. Do you have allergies or get congested when the weather changes? There's a mini humidifier and a mini air purifier for that.

4. Office Pets

If you get a little lonely at the back of the office by yourself, see if you can bring a buddy to work with you. Fish are easy to care for and can be very calming to watch. Just make sure the fish you buy can thrive in small spaces. Many fish owners don't realize just how much space even little fish need to be healthy. If a fish seems like too much responsibility or the bowl of water is a risk to your electronics, try adding some plants instead. Bringing some nature indoors can help boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve the air quality. You may want to start out with a plant that needs relatively little care, otherwise a week away could mean coming back to a dead plant.

5. Drink Warmers

Do you make tea or coffee and only remember you made it once it's ice cold? Try a drink warmer! Many drink warmers have more than one setting, so you can keep your beverages piping hot or at a comfortable sipping temperature. Stop wasting coffee or getting up to get a fresh cup! If you're a little too active to be tied to a drink warmer, invest in a high quality tumbler to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours at a time. Those coffee shop drinks are too expensive to waste!

6. Organizational Tools

While a messy desk isn't indicative of your work quality, a cluttered workspace can cause a cluttered mind. To ease the office stress, try bringing in some organizational tools that also allow you to flavor your space a little more to your liking. There are all sorts of drawers, folders, and small shelving units you can place directly on, above, or underneath your desk to add more storage space. If you don't already have one, a wall calendar, cork board, or whiteboard can make excellent additions to your office. You can pin important information where you'll see it and still leave room for brainstorming solutions to your problems. 


Your office is, in some ways, a home away from home, and you deserve to feel comfortable there. You also deserve a place that reflects your interests and needs to help you be your most productive and creative self. Try a few of these tips and see how a few additions can improve your mood instantly.

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