Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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It’s Drupal 8 Now! Know Its Latest Features Addition

While Drupal, a well acclaimed CMS framework is taken to level 8 this year, find out what you will love more about version 8. So far, Drupal has been the most intuitive framework of CMS offering world-class digital experiences to businesses. It has made managing and delivering of content across different platforms, browsers or devices easier and faster. To put simply, Drupal is assisting a vast ranging organisations, from governments, corporate brands to healthcare and educational institutions to engage users with the right content delivery.

So, it’s time for you too to make a step ahead to make your business’s go digital.  With Drupal 8 core on board that is preoccupied with more than 200 features, its best now opt for a Drupal development company in Australia. Hiring an expert Drupal developer in Sydney who can make use of the new features brought by Drupal 8 and will get you a website with incredible user-engagement.

Here are some fundamental advantages of using Drupal 8 for business-oriented sites which will make you too fall for it.

It gives scope for content authoring

Now the content marketers or the writers have the opportunity to use the WYSIWYG editor seamlessly. They can even navigate through different pages of the site, make changes using the on-page editor whenever the business calls for updating the site. Thus, with Drupal 8, keeping a site fresh and modified with the running trends.

Drupal 8 make mobile-friendly sites

Everything in the current version of the framework is made mobile-first by default making it mobile and OS responsive. It means Drupal developers need not have to take an extra headache for making the website and applications responsive to all mobiles devices.

Easier integrations with other apps

With the latest modified version of Drupal, integrations with other third-party apps like email, Google analytics, SEO, payment gateways, marketing automation and others have become as easy as pie. Thus, Drupal 8 offers better integration in a digital ecosystem.

Media library

Finally, after years of excelling with no media handling, Drupal is taking a big leap by adding the new module “Media Library”. Developers can create any type of content under the specific media field, search for files or add new files.

Highly configurable

In Drupal, truly everything about the features can be modified by the Drupal developers as per their website’s use and requirements with help of configuring plugins.

Video Source : Drupal Association

Clearly, Drupal 8 gave away of many new advancements making the task of websites development more agile and smooth. Widely used CMS for enterprise web, it is perhaps the most friendly and cost-effective platform that you can count on to achieve your digital success. Get in touch with PHPProgrammers as we have an in-house team of dedicated Drupal experts who are trained with the latest versions of the framework to streamline Drupal web development and create exceptional digital experiences.

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