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An Investigation into Jebek Shop’s Credibility

Online shopping is a favourite with shopaholics. Though the fun of bargain and buy at a conventional marketplace is undeniable, the convenience and comfort of online shopping cannot be ignored. However, extreme caution must be exercised when navigating new websites. Jebek Shop has recently garnered publicity. Still, some people are sceptical about its legitimacy.

In this article, we will investigate the matter, the reputation of the shop, talk about policies, customer experiences and many more. After reading the article, you will get in-depth understanding of whether the shop is a legitimate or a scam retailer.

Jebek Store Background

jebek shop 2-BMH

According to the company’s claims, this online shop sells a wide range of products, including fashion items, electronics, home accessories and appliance on its ecommerce platform. In a word, an extensive selection of products is available at this online shop. However, it’s important for potential buyers to check the shop’s background.

Meticulous research has been done to scoop out the TRUTH about the company. As per revelations, they have been in the business for nearly two years. Hence, it is still not an established retailer. Elite or established names have years of experience in running their businesses, giving customers, both existing and potential, peace of mind.

Analysis of Customer Experience  

Analyzing Customer Experiences 1024x680 1-BMH

Customers’ feedback is important in determining credibility of an online store. A thorough analysis of customers’ testimonials and reviews reveals a mixed bag of opinions about Jebek Shop.

Some customers are happy with their purchases from this store, talking highly about the quality of products and punctuality of shipping services. In a word, they have pretty good shopping experience at this store.

However, we have also encountered negative reviews. Complaints touch upon various aspects from non-delivery of orders, delayed product delivery to problems receiving refund, poor customer care service and receiving fake items.

All these are serious allegations and have significantly dented the e-store’s reliability.

Analysis of Website Architecture and Security Measures

SEC0417 testing feat-BMH

We visited the website and found it pretty appealing. The professional touch was too obvious to ignore.

The website contains clear descriptions about products and pricing and features an intuitive interface, ensuring easy navigation for users. The feature helps buyers complete their purchase quickly.  

Jebek Shop uses SSL encryption to protect buyers’ personal and financial details during transactions.

Though these design elements speak volume for their professionalism and prioritizing security, they don’t certify the legitimacy of the ecommerce platform.

Policies for Return and Refund


Return and refund policies of an ecommerce shop are worth considering before making a purchase. The store claims to have smooth and quick return and refund procedures, enabling customers to return products within a particular time for an exchange or full refund.

From customers’ experiences and reviews shared online, we can understand that some customers have faced difficulties obtaining timely refunds or initiating returns.

There are also complaints of poor communication from the customer support team, leaving customers dissatisfied and disappointed. These experiences expose some serious issues with Jebek Shop’s return and refund process and policies.

Social Media Presence and Online Reputation

build your social presence 1200x675px wide-BMH

The ecommerce platform has a strong presence on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The shop regularly engages with its followers, posts product promotions and updates and responds to customer inquiries. However, a strong social media presence cannot guarantee trustworthiness of an online shop.

Though the store has a significant numbers of fans and followers on its social media platforms and it regularly interacts with them, ultimately the matter of reliability and reputation boils down to customers’ responses and reviews across different channels. Third-party reviews are also worth considering.

Customer Support

customer service vs customer support-BMH

Customer responses are suggestive of inconsistency in customer support team’s response time and effectiveness. Quick and reliable customer care service is crucial for reputation building and addressing customers’ problems.

Contact Information

contact us buttons clipart design illustration free png-BMH

For any ecommerce shop to forge a bond of trust with its customers, it is important to provide clear and quickly accessible contact information. Jebek Shop has an email address. Customers are also provided with a contact form to register complaints or inquiries.

Final Words

If we have to rely on customers’ reviews and responses, there is a serious dilemma in determining if the shop offers good quality products and customer care service.

Whereas some customers talk about their satisfactory shopping experience, others share complaints about product quality and no response or delayed response from customer care professionals.

Some customers have even gone far to complain of difficulty or delayed refunding. Hence, potential customers should conduct comprehensive research about the website’s credibility, which largely depends on customer reviews, policy evaluation, customer support and the website’s interface.

Staying safe is always important, especially when you are buying online. There is no dearth of fraudsters on digital platform and you must take care not to end up being their next prey.


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How to check legitimacy of an online shop?

There are several ways to check legitimacy of an ecommerce portal. These are:

Ø  Extensive analysis of the website interface

Ø  Checking the store’s social media presence

Ø  Reviewing Google transparency report of the website

Ø  Verifying the website’s trust seal

Ø  Using free web advisors to check the website’s safety

What kind of payment methods Jebek Shop accepts?

There are several options available. You can use credit cards, debit cards and even a reputed digital payment platform such as, PayPal.

What is about the quality of products at the shop?

Jebek shop claims to have prioritized selling only high-quality products. Hence, they collaborate with only reputed suppliers and artisans to maintain industry-standard quality.

Does the shop provide international shipping facility?

Yes, Jebek Shop provides international shipping service facility.

Summary: Jebek Shop is a popular online platform. However, some buyers are concerned about its trustworthiness. Check a few important parameters to decide if the ecommerce platform is credible enough for shopping.   

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