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Jaw-Dropping Press On Nail Color For Fall 2021

The fall season is unquestionably the greatest time of year to wear warm hues. All of these tones seem especially cozy, whether you're wearing an oversized beige sweater, strolling around in brown boots, or showing off the orange press on nails. Unfortunately, having flawlessly manicured fingertips this autumn is no easy task since conventional nail paint can crack and bi-weekly nail treatments for gel and artificial nails can be rather pricey. Furthermore, because of the epidemic, many of us are foregoing in-person beauty services, which means that our nail game may have weakened as a result.

Like most things nowadays, there is a do-it-yourself option that can deliver salon-quality results at home for a quarter of the cost. Press-on nail kits are all the rage, thanks to their easy application, long-lasting wear, and amazing patterns and colors. Here are some of the best fall press-on nail colors to take your nail game to the next level. Grab a cup of coffee, sit, relax, and continue scrolling.

1.Deep Red

This fall, juicy reds are skyrocketing up the trend charts. But why is this breaking news? First, you'll note that the most beautiful red nails, loved by discriminating fashionistas, are gentler on the eye and have more romantic overtones. Try Clutch Nails' lips don't lie press-on for a more contemporary, on-trend appearance. With these stunning matte coffin nails that will be your new passion, you may let your nails make a modest expression about how you feel. Remember that you can use any hue on your lips to enhance the attractiveness of your hands.

2.Pastel Orange

Pastel orange is one of the most beautiful, soft hues to experiment with. The color is light and lovely, making it simpler to wear than brighter, stronger tones. Orange is linked with warmth, excitement, and determination, and it is a lovely color to wear alone or with the thrilling press on nail art. Clutch Nails' gorgeous Flower Power square shape press is themed by the Flower Power counterculture movement of the 1960s and is ideal for sweater weather.

3.Dark Blue

Dark blue is a rich color that is frequently linked with wealth and elegance. It's wonderful nail color. It'll give your hands a fun makeover and turn you into a stunner. This color is so audacious and daring that there is no doubt that all eyes will be on you. Clutch Nails' electric blue press-on steals all the attention. If you like long coffin nails and making strong style statements, they will be the star of any party!


Olive green is a beautiful greyish-green hue that provides for a lovely and convenient nail. The color isn't too bold or dazzling to be difficult to wear, and it goes nicely with a variety of other hues. This color has a lot to adore about it, and it will look great on a variety of nail shapes. Furthermore, it might signify peace and harmony.


Blush is one of the most beautiful fall nail colors. It is a medium pink color that looks well on ladies of all ages and skin tones. Not only that, but irrespective of your nail length or shape, this is a wonderful hue that can be worn everywhere, even more, on formal occasions and the office. Clutch Nails' glossy blush pink press on is an easy-to-style shade, and the subdued tone lets you experiment with additional embellishments.


The purples will enter with force, in the same way, that the scarlet will do it in wood tones, options with personality, and a lot of body, which can also offer from a calm appearance to a very suggestive one.

7.   Metallic

The shades of silver and gold will be a glamorous option, ideal to wear at events or parties, since they are discreet and elegant, although at the same time they manage to attract attention, due to their metallic sparkles. When you go for an elegant and current look, keep in mind this type of metallic nail polish, it looks really fabulous.

The intense shine of gold and silver, colors forever linked to the elegance of great social events.

8.   Black

The dark tones, more rockers, also find a place in this season. Nails painted black or dark gray will be seen a lot, it even takes a lot to paint the nail only with a wide stripe. Black nails are ideal to decorate with glitters, as the contrast looks very glamorous.

9.   Nude

It will draw your attention to appreciate that there will be no great designs, but rather this year the trends will be focused on solid colors, which are responsible for all the decoration of the nail. A clear example of this is the images that we see below, where it can also be distinguished that the most used tones are skin and pastel, and even some with just a shine, to highlight the nail. Different shades of nude will be used, some with a pink tint and others grayer. But of course, you can resort to delicate designs, such as the classic crescent accompanied by a thin line that marks the contour of the nails.

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