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Jaw Surgery and Oral Health – How are they related?

Jaw Surgery and Oral Health Lewisham dental practice

Jaw surgery is an effective way to treat misaligned jaw line. Popularly known as Orthognathic surgery, it is done to give patients the perfect jaw line by moving misaligned jaw to a normal position. The misaligned jaw can cause numerous problems such as sleep apnea, underdeveloped jaw line and crooked or uneven teeth. If these conditions reach an advanced stage, orthodontics cannot help you overcome it. Thus, you need to undergo a jaw surgery under specialized oral surgeons.

Why do you need a jaw surgery?

You may need jaw surgery if you are suffering from any of these conditions:

  • Protruding jaw
  • Poor bite
  • Breathing and speech problems
  • Swallowing problem
  • Eating, chewing or biting problems
  • Jaw pain resulting in chronic headache
  • Bad mouth
  • Dry mouth

You may visit Lewisham dental practice in case you need to undergo a jaw surgery.

What is the treatment of jaw surgery?

Jaw surgery is a complicated dental treatment which takes around three years for the completion. Firstly, the oral surgeon will confirm whether you need a surgery or fixed braces can do the deed. If not, you will be diagnosed for plaque and other dental issues as you proceed for initial stages of the surgery. Keeping your mouth clean should be your point of attention during the treatment. The process involves a number of appointments to give you the desired results.

The surgery involves a planned structure of your jawbone so that it gets reset to a new position to improve your jaw line and appearance. The models of your teeth will be taken at the clinic after which you will be scheduled with your next appointment. Once your teeth are in shape, the surgery will begin. You will experience a friendly and comfortable environment where surgeons are concerned about your pain and fear while you undergo jaw surgery. You will be under anesthesia throughout the treatment process. Small plates and screws are fixed inside the mouth to hold jaws perfectly in their new position. These plates and screws are not visible when you talk or smile. The bones will take a month’s time to heal and you need to have soft and easily gulped food during this period. You will be advised to take small amounts at frequent intervals and don’t avoid adequate water intake.

After care

  • Visit your dentist after a week from the operation to get the position of your braces checked. Use retainers to keep braces intact throughout the treatment. Your braces will be removed after 6 weeks but the plates and screws stay there forever without creating any problem.
  • You need to follow proper medication after the surgery as advised by your surgeon and keep your mouth clean to protect plates and screws from damage.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to fasten the healing process.

There are various dental practitioners at Lewishaw Dental Prctice clinic, who conduct dental and oral surgery for the ones who need to undergo for it. If you need to undergo oral surgery at Lewisham, seek help of a good dentist and get the perfect look. Thus, jaw surgery is a miraculous way to gain a perfect jaw line and appearance.

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