Saturday, December 2, 2023
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JD-GB Changes Logo and Increases Employee Pay to Portray a Different Image

JD seems like it has joined other platforms to fit into the new regulatory changes.

Some of the latest on jd current affairs is a subtle change to the logo app and recently announced that it would increase pay for its workers. The two actions have initiated a discussion that this top Chinese e-commerce platform is trying to nurture a low profile and a more compliant image when the nation is pushing to tighten industry regulation. is a tech-driven E-commerce Company engaging in direct sales of electronic and general merchandise products. The company website and mobile apps act as 'the main shop' where shoppers visit to find a selection of products, including computers, appliances, books, garments, and other household items.

Recent Logo Changes

The online company has changed the dog mascot app logo to create a simpler form with a broader smile on the face. An independent social media form, Fancaiju, said that the new logo looks more acceptable and amicable., despite the talk, said it had no comment on its logo changes.

Salary Hikes published a notice on WeChat's public social media account status that the company plans to increase the average annual salary for employees to the equivalent of 16 months salary. The full increment will happen by July 2023, so it will be an average increase of 14 percent.

The apparent intention to hike pay is to boost staff morale, but it has attracted much attention on the Chinese social media, Weibo. The buzz was because it came when broad-based pay rises are becoming rare for a worker in an extremely competitive e-commerce business.

The JD pay rise is a sharp contrast of situation that the company is a sharp contrast to the situation that the company was going through two years ago. CEO Richard Liu told delivery drivers who may now be a part of the team waiting for jd earnings date to earn more that the company would replace base salaries with a pay system based on deliveries.

The company was struggling but somehow made a comeback during the Covid-19 pandemic to hit double-digit sales growth. It was beneficiary of the move by shoppers to buy massively from online retail websites when the pandemic instigated restrictions were in effect. The net revenue even grew by 39 percent in the quarter that ended on March 31, 2021.

A Review Pay Rise

The pay hike has turned into a hotly discussed topic on Weibo, but all employees might not receive it. Some media reports suggest that all grassroots workers might not be on the beneficiaries list by the jd earnings date. The Beijing-based company has about 370,000 workers.

When speaking to Global Times, an independent tech analyst, Ge Jia said the salary increase is much of a market-driven move with a basis on demand to attract talent. He added, "There is external pressure from the society."

People's Political Consultative Daily published an article under the auspices of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference that said the sprawling platform economy in China needs reining in to prevent "endless exploitation of surplus labor and its high surplus."

The newspaper called for the protection of market order of competition.

Ge said that the internet firms experiencing rapid expansion in the last decade should realize the government is determined to strengthen regulations that facilitate their growth. He added that more companies are likely to assume more active social responsibilities to build a moderate social image rather than first put money in forming ecosystems.

An example is, a food delivery service platform that recently launched "Summer Action." It will invest the first batch of 300 million yuan fund to improve the welfare of delivery workers, such as allowances for summertime high temperature and rewards for daily delivery.

Ge noted that the Big Tech in the country should know that they are at a period to start making changes. "The desire by regulators might include implementing rectification and optimizing the labor structure instead of a mere lip service."

Average wages in China increased by 12.4 % in 2021 first quarter. The increment rises from 4.3% in 2020, thanks to a low base in the earlier year. JD current affairs may continue to have snippets of pay rise if the wage increment trend increment continues.

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