5 Job Hunting Tips That Work Every time

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Dress To Impress

An interview usually happens face to face, and when you land it, make sure you dress accordingly. Some people may think that what you wear doesn’t matter and that employers will be forgiving when it comes to the dress codes. But it would be best if you always remember first impressions are important and will help put you ahead of the competition. Dressing appropriately to the company/position you are applying for will show some level of professionalism and consideration from your end.

Utilize Your Network

Have you come across a snag in your job hunting? Utilize your network and connections by asking around whether there’s a vacancy in their company or if they know someplace or someone. Bear in mind that you can develop prospective clients or employers from within your network. Make a list of prospects as you look through your contacts ( or a contact(s) that can introduce you). Make a short introduction describing yourself, benefits to be gained by working with you, and some of your experiences. According to this article, there are a few things to include on your resume, these features can be highlighted in your introduction.

Try Freelancing

After searching for a job for a while and still haven’t found one, then it may be time to consider freelancing. Though it may not be on the regular, you can be working on something while you wait or if you haven’t gotten any breakthrough in the job hunting department. Freelancing will also help build on your portfolio of experiences and give you an upper hand when a prospective employer wants an experienced candidate.

Take A Temp Job

You can take a temporary job while you wait for something a bit more permanent. Most of these companies are known to pay well and can reduce the burden of paying the bills until you find a permanent position later on.

Be Mindful Of Your Internet Footprint

As part of employer background checks, many of them check the Internet and social media. Hence the phrase, “think before clicking” has never been truer. Don’t post inappropriate things in public, especially if they can embarrass you because companies are invested as to what candidates have posted since they can affect their brand.



Keep going and don’t give up even if you don’t get the results you want. Be responsive to inquiries and utilize your creativity, and success will surely come. In every interview you go to, always go with the right mindset.

Stay Positive

Even though things aren’t going how you predicted, it won’t hurt to remain positive. If you don’t get the job, stay positive, and see how and where you have gone wrong and can improve. Please don’t take it personally; gain the good from the bad experience. Then move on to the next prospect.

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