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8 Jobs That Could Never be Replaced by Automation

Many people talk about the possible "robot apocalypse" in regards to the jobs in the future. It's a fact that technological development in robotics and also artificial intelligence is happening at an incredible speed. Certain human jobs in the field of finance, construction, and many others are already being done by robots. And more fields will be affected by humans' digital counterparts in the future, actually in the next decade.

A recent study by McKinsey Global Institute showed that around 800 million people will lose their jobs due to automation of work. In other words, one-fifth of the world's workforce will be digital. In the next 20 years, in the US only almost 50% of workers are expected to be replaced by digital counterparts.

However, there are certain fields that are believed won't be replaced by robots (at least in the near future) and people who work in those fields are safe from changes that the future brings to us. Here are those fields:

1. Creatives

Creative jobs definitely fall under the category of safe jobs. Musicians, artists, and singers definitely don't have anything to worry about because their creativity and the need to express emotions in various ways separate them from the world of automation.

Data that AI and robotics use will probably never be enough in order for them to create genuine work, whether it is a melody, a song, a painting or a sculpture. Any form of art is a form of expression of human emotions, inspiration, imagination, and creativity - something that is not expected for an AI to do.

doctors looking at x-ray

2. Healthcare workers

Even though automation is highly important for treating patients, it's almost impossible to imagine that robots would ever be appropriate for providing care. In other words, doctors, nurses and the rest of the healthcare workers don't have anything to worry about.

In one study, it has been stated that less than 30% of nurses could be replaced with automation, which is not enough for the people working in that niche to be worried.

3. Social workers and counselors

There are many people who need advice and assistance to help them hope with different serious issues, like substance abuse and relationship hardships. Even though AI is incredibly advanced, it still can't offer guidance or help to these people. In other words, jobs that require interpersonal communication will only be reserved for humans.

4. Teachers

Education is yet another area where technological development is of great importance, as there is a huge rise in online classes. However, the necessity to answer questions, grade papers and provide instructions - that necessity can only be fulfilled by humans.

Teachers have deep expertise and skills that enable them to communicate with students on a higher level, which is why technological development can only be used to a certain extent in this field.

5. Caretakers

The one who will take of your elderly parents or your children will almost definitely not be a robot. People will feel awkward having a robot taking care of their loved ones. Not to mention the fact that robots don't have that level of physical dexterity to perform the movements that are expected from a caretaker.

But the biggest reason is that people won't feel comfortable about a robot looking after them. They want to feel close to people and not feel loneliness - which won't happen if we let a robot do that job. In many countries, such as Australia, jobs like this are on the rise, like many others from different fields. There is a wide choice of labor hire in Sydney and other cities, showing us that human expertise is needed and on the rise.

6. Professional sports

There are millions of sports fans around the world, which are highly unlikely to be excited about watching a bunch of robots play basketball. It could be interesting to see in the beginning, but in the long run, people want to see other people doing incredible things on the court or football pitch.

The most exciting part of the sport are the people doing that sport - their personal features, advantages and disadvantages and their background stories. That's something that can't be replaced.


7. Lawyers

There is no chance that AI would be able to make sense of the complex laws in order to represent a person. It's hard to imagine you would entrust your freedom or your money to a software program. The legal system and the procedures behind it, together with things happening in courts far away from the public eye - it's something only a human can handle successfully.

8. Supervisors

In the end, we need humans watching over robots and AI. Even though robots can do certain manufacturing and mechanical jobs on their own, there still has to be a person to oversee their work and to notice when something is wrong. Even in factories where almost everything is automatized, there still have to be a first-line supervisor. For this reason, this job will definitely be done by humans in the future.

Final comment

One way or another, the labor market will look very different in a couple of decades. It's the matter of inevitable progress. However, no matter how far technological development goes, certain jobs will always be expected to be done by humans.

Automation simply can't apply to every aspect of our lives, nor should it. So, if you are in a line of job that demands creativity, a depth of knowledge and interpersonal communication, you don't have to worry about being replaced by a robot.

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