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Jobs That Will Give You Satisfaction

NGO Work

There are some jobs that we just work to earn money, there are other jobs we do because we enjoy the challenge and the job tasks, then there are those that choose to ignore the money aspect of working. The latter are people that would rather work I employment that gives them job satisfaction. Although these jobs may not be any less stressful and the tasks any less enjoyable than other jobs, the reasons people choose these professions is because they feel like they are giving back to society, which results in job satisfaction.

  1. Working For Charity or NGO Organisation

These jobs are often non-paid positions. There are NGOs in Africa that you can watch on YouTube. Many of these people are trained nurses or doctors, volunteers, and even engineers that have decided the money isn’t everything. They are looking for adventure at the same time as being able to satisfy a niggling urge to help others. The work itself can be draining and heartbreaking, but the reward worth far more than any remuneration they would get for working for a corporation. For more information about charities and NGOs, check out this Forbes article.

  1. Teachers

With the way the younger generation is today, most people would stick their nose up to teach without a second thought. Who would want to teach a class full of rowdy children? On the other hand, when a child or group of children benefit from your knowledge, the satisfaction of seeing them learn from your wisdom offers not only satisfaction but also a sense of pride. There are plenty of teaching jobs worldwide that are either voluntary or paid. Plus, teachers get even more satisfaction out of having long holidays (more than most).

  1. Social Workers

People that work with society usually choose this profession because it offers both job satisfaction and a solid career path. Surprisingly there is a huge shortage of social workers in both the USA and the UK (see amhp jobs uk). Those that do opt to go into this profession do so because they have a niggling urge to help others. Families in need of help, people living below the breadline, drug addicts, victims of crime, and numerous other groups of people come under the category of social work.

Mental health professionals are currently one of the most in-demand groups of experts in the UK right now. This is also not an easy profession to get involved in. You need to be Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP). Those that do work in social work’s mental health have the freedom to move around and build a solid career helping mental patients in need. See AMHP agency work for more information.

  1. Sports Coaching

This is another profession that is in demand right now. As our society becomes more aware of the need to be physically fit, the younger generation seems to be very sporty. At the same time, older generations have the right attitude, which is it is never too late to start playing sport and being more active. Football, tennis, basketball, rugby, martial arts, yoga, and many other coaching jobs are not highly in demand. They also pay very well because many of these jobs are private classes in which the coach can charge an hourly rate to several people that sign up to a single class.

The benefits are, of course, you get to see the people in your class develop. You are also helping them live longer because the exercise is giving them the necessary heart rate increase needed to maintain a healthy heart and calories that reduce their weight. Also, people that are fit tend to be more confident. There is something very satisfying about helping to improve someone’s self-esteem.

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