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Why Importers choose Jolion’s Soy Sauce?

Jolion is one of the many companies that provide Oriental sauce and several other Chinese foods to the market today. The company was founded in the 1990s and had, over time, grown into a leader in the same industry. The company works in a production area of about 2000m2 of land. They have also produced about 15000 tons of products every year and an annual sale of about $12 million courtesy of their 110 employees. The company now has 6 automatic production lines and is still growing.

The people in the Asian Countries have, for a long time, been targeting Jolion significantly over time. The company now operates in Europe, America and several other parts of the world. They have also shown interest in other emerging economies in Latin America and Africa. Customers all over the world love Jolion's sauce products and many of them have come for something more than their sauces. They have thought that the company is a prominent and reliable manufacturer, a reason why they have started trusting them.

Their products are manufactured in a thoroughly modern KOSHER, FDA, HALAL, SGS, ISO and BRC. The products have passed various requirements in specific countries, which is the reason why they can ship freely.

Finest quality and Long History

The company was started in 1990 which means they have 3 decades which has given them a lot of experience. The company has also maintained the respect for traditional foods and ingredients to maintain their stand in the market. They also aim at developing the tastes that customers need. A good example is Jolion Superior Dark soy Sauce. This is a traditional fermented soybean that is used in seasoning foods. The product can as well be used in meat, fish dishes, pasta, rice and also salads.

It’s used to make the foods delicious with an appealing color and a perfect aroma. They usually make this product naturally and has no added MSG or even some serious preservatives. It’s free from Melamine and it contains all the ingredients that you have been looking for in the market. As a matter of fact, the main thing they want is color even instead of taste.


  • No added MSG
  • No preservatives
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Fermented naturally for 180 days
  • Its free from Melamine

Great Variety with the most popular types

The company is specializing in manufacturing natural brewed soy beans that provides natural seasoning and condiments for homes, Asian stores, Hotels and supermarkets.

Feasibility of operation modes

MOQ is 300 cartons per items which means you can choose from different elements in the container.

Advanced equipment

The equipment used by Jolion are very modern and safe. They have the most advanced big and fermentation pool, fermentation equipment and other things to facilitate the safe production of their products.

Exceptional services

Although this is a sauce manufacturing company, they are also received well for their services. They also make noodles, MSG, canned foods and cooking oils.

Just choose Jolion to be your reliable supplier and you will build a win-win cooperation. The company is a responsible and a testable partner.

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Arifur Rahman
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