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Jonah Engler on Top Wellness Tips for Employees at Work

According to, the health of the employees should be an important priority. There is a saying that health is wealth. The proverb is to a large degree valid. It will not be possible for you to perform anything in case you do not have good health. It will become difficult to take care of your job, duties, and children if you continuously deal with health problems. One of the most commonly mentioned reasons for not being in decent condition is not finding the time or resources to do what it needs to stay healthy. It is especially applicable in the case of working professionals. Here are the essential wellness guidelines for employees at work as mentioned by Jonah Engler.

  1. Jonah Engler recommends having brain breaks

You must encourage your staff to have small breaks every day in case you’d like them to work effectively and produce the desired results. In this way, the brain will be having an opportunity of resting and replenishing itself. One significant way to achieve this will be to reduce the level of digital distraction that is so prevalent in the workplace right now.

Every time somebody retweets, shares a message or upgrades a shared Dropbox, the whole office does not need to be disturbed, and so encourage everybody to switch off the sounds on their notifications.

  1. Nourishment

Never let the brain be deprived of nourishment. Although it's an extremely busy day, having lunch is always important such that you will be able to function efficiently through the remaining part of the day. Of course, it is best to choose good, nourishing meals for optimal wellbeing, but if that has not been arranged, consuming something is better than ingesting none at all!

  1. Movement

Moving out from the workplace to have lunch would give you a big boost to your health. The physical activity will boost the chances of not becoming too tired and will make you more energized for the evening by improving blood circulation. Please do not presume this implies that you have to head out for a full-on workout session day after day - it does not. Even strolling outside and relaxing on a park bench for consuming your lunch would get the blood pumping and reduce the odds of the depression at 3 pm.

  1. Breathing

When employees are anxious, upset, or frustrated, urge them to take time out for a deep breath. Breathing is the most powerful way of reducing tension reactions. You convey to your whole body that everything is OK as you begin breathing out of your diaphragm.

  1. Jonah Engler encourages workers to remain active during the workweek

You may recommend offering a weekly free workout for your staff, providing opportunities to focus on their physical fitness and general well-being. Many suggestions include supporting the cycle-to-work system and offering assistance with public transit or parking expenses if the company is based in a larger area, to cover the expenditures that the workers may choose to invest in exercise instead.

  1. De-clutter the workspace

Make it a point to brighten the interior of your workspace with some meticulous organization and a new coating of paint. An office that is properly ventilated and bright will help to enhance general well-being as well as productivity. Flat surfaces can become covered with office supplies, paperwork, and so on, and therefore make it a point to use planters for providing a cleaner appearance.

  1. Add plants to the workplace

According to Jonah Engler, workplace plants contribute to health in a variety of ways; they may help reduce unnecessary noise levels, help detoxify the environment, and remove contaminants, plus improve the mood as well. They also improve healthy energy levels, help lower stress as well as reduce blood pressure levels. Introducing plants to the office is a perfect way to enliven the environment and contribute to people's general health.

But if you're not one of the most creative individuals in terms of plant treatment, there's much that is easy to look after. Embrace diversity and combine big and small plants from various families. It is going to make your office stand out.

  1. Promote walking meetings

Walking meetings would not only motivate people to move around during the day, but they're still a perfect way to make sure meetings are brief and on schedule. Organizations ought to lead by example, beginning with C-suite executives and administrators, so that employees can have walking meetings. If you have an outdoor area in your office, try holding walking meetings out there. Conversely, think of strolling to a nearby recreational area, if the climatic conditions permit.

  1. Ask employees if they want to host a guided exercise program

Is there anyone qualified to conduct meditation, yoga, or Zumba in your workplace? If it is so, ask him whether he would like to host a monthly or weekly class or conversely, if he wants to guide an active break session of 15 minutes throughout the day. The intention here is to get people moving again, and sometimes doing so in a social setting will inspire participants to continue to be active.

  1. Begin a book club which emphasizes on well-being and health

Reading more has lots of benefits. It will help to enhance your innovativeness, improve fluency, working memory, and will also boost brain connectivity. Hosting a book club emphasizing on well-being and health will be one of the most effective ways to improve the general well-being of your workers. One of the main advantages of this method is that you will be able to handle every single one of the 7 aspects of wellness.

For example, you might go through a book on enhancing emotional intelligence one month, another month on how to improve financial wellness, the following month on methods of reducing stress, and so on. It's also a perfect way to promote interaction and inspire people to connect outside discussions about jobs.


To effectively advocate health for the workplace and embrace the advantages, make it a point to take care of the workers and assist them in doing what matters for them. You'll then have a much better opportunity to get them ready with more improvements that will benefit them as well as your office in the long run.

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