jQuery vs JavaScript: Key Differences and Similarities


We all are well-versed with the JavaScript and jQuery from the last few years. JavaScript is in use earlier than that of jQuery. But the purpose of both of these programming languages is to improve the interface of a web page and make it appealing to brings life in it.

Have you wonder if these are similarto mutual motive, then why created two different languages and not the single one? Then, we will figure out how these are different from each other and which one is better.

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Define JavaScript

In simple words, it is a scripting language that is used within a browser for the interaction of the interface.It is a type of programming language.


Define jQuery

Simply put, jQuery is written in JavaScript and the library is to be used by JavaScript. JQuery is a quick, compact as well as feature-rich JavaScript library with jQuery plugins. We can also notice that it is a cross-platform JS designed to simplifythe server-side scripting of HTML.

Key differences between jQuery and JavaScript

Some basics, which we all ought to know before moving forward. Some terms are used in the above lines, which may create curiosity among the beginners. We can explore the terms well with the help of comparison, which we are going to make below.

Here,we have some of the head to head differences between the jQuery and JavaScript which we are going to discuss below. Let us have a look at thisunderneath.

Type of programming language:JS is a kind of programming language whereas jQuery is an application programming interface (API).

Language used:JS has written in C language and also, is an interpreted language too but jQuery uses all resources provided by JavaScript to make all things a bit easier.

Verbosity or simplicity: When working with JavaScript, one can easily write their scripting, which is time-taking, however; through the jQuery, the user needs not to write as the scripting is already available.

Compatibility:Through JavaScript, one has to write scripts to handle the compatibilities of various browsers but as we all know, the jQuery is considered as a multi-browser library.

Code length:With the help of JavaScript, one has to write lengthy coding whereas,through the jQuery, fewer lines are required to write as it has script-ready as compared to that of JavaScript.

Speed:JavaScript is quick to access the Document object model (DOM) through the Pure JavaScript as it narrows down the overhead which jQuery has. But jQuery is fast with modern browsers as well as computers. It is best suited for some complicated operations where the chances are more than the developer can write poor code lines.

Light or heavy:Except for the raw JavaScript, JS is heavier than jQuery however;jQuery is light in weight in comparison with that of JavaScript libraries.

Where to write:JavaScript queries have to be in written in HTML between <script> and <script/>. Although there is no need to import or add any libraries to run the code, jQuery codes have to be inserted within the <script> and <script/> inside the HTML. There is a need to insert the JavaScript libraries to let the code run. There are two ways, such as either download libraries or involve libraries from CDN.

Syntax:No specific symbols are used to define JavaScript like it is required in jQuery. Simply, you can write JavaScript code within the script. On the other hand,$(selector).action( )$ is the special symbol that is used to define jQuery. Selector indicates to find out the HTML elements and action refers to be performed in jQuery.

We have done with the top-rated programming languages and how these are distinguished from each other. But there is another side of these languages which we are going to explore below.

On the flip side, we are going to know about all similar aspects of the jQuery as well as JavaScript after considering all the dissimilarities above.

Key similarities between the JavaScript and jQuery

We have some of the head to head similarities between the jQuery and JavaScript which we are going to discuss below. Let us have a look at these below.

1.       Client-side or server-side language:Both of these languages are used on client-side language. Thus, there is no need for server-side language.

2.       Write codes:jQuery as well as JavaScript codes have to be inserted within the <script> and <script/> inside the HTML.

3.       Both of them are used in web development.

4.       Their main motive is to improve the web page and make it interactive as well as dynamic.

That is all about the differences and similarities between the JS and jQuery. Now, you can get a better understanding in what ways these programming languages are different from each other. To encapsulate, both of these are imperative from a web development point of view and jQuery has its origin from JS.