Junkyard Tool-Kits: Tools To Bring To The Junkyard


Pick and pull yards are extremely exciting to visit. These pick and pull yards also known as junkyards are like a treasure hunt game where you have to find the most precious treasure and get it for yourself. However, in the junkyards, the treasure is spare parts of junk cars. All you have to do is look for the best parts that will make your car function and look amazing and then pick the right ones.

One problem that people encounter in salvage yards or junkyards is that they have to choose and pick the parts themselves from salvage vehicles. People often forget to carry the right tools for picking their favorite parts. Some even carry heavy tools that are of no use in picking the parts they wish to take along.

So save your precious time and efforts by going through the list of the must-haves before going to your local junkyard. The article below enlists all the mandatory tools in a junkyard toolkit.

Socket Kit

The most essential tool in the junkyard toolkit is the sockets. Make sure that you have both metric and standard sockets. The basic SAE and metric fasteners in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive are must for loosening the bolts that help in pulling parts of different types of cars. Also, ratchets must be there in the kit for turning the nuts and bolts.


A wrench or a spanner is used as an alternative for sockets as they help in gripping bolts on the other side where sockets don’t reach. Moreover, wrenches are a must for holding the nuts that keep spinning. A complete set of socket wrenches along with adjustable will help in removing nuts and bolts of any measurements without any difficulty.


In junkyards, there are thousands of cars, each with a different and unique design. One part that is placed at an accessible spot in your car might be down there in another car. Hence, you will not be able to pull that part of the car without the extenders. So it is better to include extensions in the junkyard toolkit to gain access to difficult fasteners easily.  

Cutting Equipment

Carry cutter to easily cut any piece of wire that is attached to the part you want to remove. You can even take hacksaws to cut metallic wires, and other hard to cut materials.

Breaker Bar

Often you might come across rusty bolts while removing a part in some vehicle. These nuts and bolts are stuck and become extremely tight to loosen. Breaker bars are the best solution for this common problem faced at the junkyards. The breaker bars help in providing more torque with less force. You may find the lengthy tools in 10-38.5 inches length. So pick the right length depending upon the size of your toolkit.

Electric Impact Wrench

Impact guns or impact wrenches are an essential tool for removing parts of junk cars. These are best for removing any nut or bolt that seems impossible to be removed. Most of the people use them in removing the lug nuts of vehicles. These take a little space in the toolbox and illuminate greater arrangements that you may look in the junkyard.

Penetrating Oil

Junkyard cars are old and are no longer running. You will discover many rusted joints in the vehicles. In this manner, rather than sitting around idly and power to evacuate those rusted jolts, spray the penetrating oil and leave it for some time. It will make any fastener simple to extricate.

Pry Bar or Jimmy

A lever for leverage, mates for screw holes mating and nail remover to remove nails is essential in the junkyard toolkit. So instead of carrying three different tools, you can keep a pry bar that performs three functions with one gadget. It can likewise function as a hammer.


Selecting what you need to get from the junkyard helps in carrying specific screwdrivers to the junkyard that will empower you to accomplish your objective. Pick the correct screwdriver set to conquer the challenges while pulling spare parts. 


The junkyard toolbox is incomplete without the pliers set including 

  • Needle-nose pliers 
  • Side-cutter pliers
  • Regular pliers 
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Locking pliers

These pliers will perform functions of gripping, cutting, yanking, slicing, and grabbing anything at the wrecking yard.

Protective Items

Do not forget to add a few pairs of gloves to protect your hands from dirt, scratches, etc. Keep a hand cleaner along as well to avoid getting trash or grease into your vehicle. Also, you must have safety glasses to protect your eyes while pulling parts. A small trap in the toolkit will help you to crawl on your back under the vehicle without worrying about the dirt. Furthermore, a tiny flashlight will help in looking at nuts and bolts under the car.

Final Words

A complete junkyard toolkit is what every junkyard visitor must carry along. The kit must comprise all the essentials mentioned above that aid in pulling any part within no time. Remember to keep all the junkyard tools in an easy to carry tool bag.