Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Why Women think that Indian Model Karan Oberoi is Charming!

Karan Oberoi an Indian supermodel who is best known for his work with brands like Royal Enfield bike and riding apparel, leading sports brands such as Reebok, Isuzu car commercial, Pantaloons, Fashion big bazaar and many other. Karan has also graced covers of leading magazines in our country. Karan Oberoi model has to his credit working across all modeling platforms such as print media, ramp, digital and television. He is a leading model with a unique distinction of ruling the two most competitive industries of modeling – fashion and fitness modeling. I had found few articles on India’s leading male model Karan ‘KO’ Oberoi while searching on him that could seriously help people who wonder and themselves somewhere want to look like a supermodel.

karan oberoi indian male model 1-BMH

Karan has got those killer looks and superb muscular physique that attracts every woman more than that his charm and terrific dressing sense certainly stands out in the crowd that makes women go crazy! I am finally here to help and guide all the men with few tips that can make any man start looking drop-dead gorgeous like him.

Karan Oberoi

So here are those qualities that can make any man charming just like Indian model Karan Oberoi :

  • A charismatic personality does all the wonders. It comes from the confidence of loving yourself and embracing all your flaws. Therefore never stop loving yourself, when you love yourself it motivates you to live away from bad habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes that definitely spoil charm.
  • A million dollar smile and a strong handshake make you charming? Yes, it does you believe it or not. Charming people like Karan Oberoi model smile a lot and hence they are confident.
  • Be lively! Liveliness makes you look fresh and charming because most people are either boring, passive or dull because they somewhere lack liveliness. People are attracted to individuals who live, who do things they’ll never do out of fear, remorse or societal expectations, who literally radiate, who have something to say and say it confidently without bringing others down, but who are leaders by nature.
indian model Karan Oberoi 1-BMH
  • A charming person always makes people feel that they have their undivided attention. They do that with full confidence, thoughtful eye contact as eyes play a major role in putting everlasting impression.
  • Being funny attracts people. Make someone laugh. Not all funny people are charming, but the humor makes them original and originality is an element of a charming guy. So always try to be a little humorous and never care what people think.
  • Confidence and ability to speak up without overthinking it and the ability to initiate. Individuals who don’t care about this world’s opinions, who adapt to life and are malleable, who don’t complain or whine, whose excitement makes you excited. Therefore be confident which ultimately makes you attractive hence you attract women.
  • A charming person knows what to say and do in social situations, no matter how awkward or strange they may be, the charm is all about making others feel comfortable. One of a quality of a charming man Karan Oberoi model is being chivalrous towards women, therefore if you too want to attract women like him, always remember when you go to a restaurant with your girlfriend, opening the door, pulling the chair for them, shall enhance your charm.

The qualities I shared above can make any man charming and thus attracting women just like model Karan Oberoi.

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