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Karen Fires Back at Radio Hosts, Over Hiring

Why she fired from her job?

Radio Host Karen Fired: Karen Pryor's firing from her job as an English radio host was covered by The New York Times and many other news publications. On the day of her firing from her job as an English radio host, Karen Pryor gave an interview to CNN's Larry King Live. She denied knowing anything about the tapes that were secretly recorded by King and other executives. King then implied that Pryor knew something about the affair because she worked with King for years. King implied that the tapes showed King giving "hits" to employees in the office, which would have violated radio station policy.

Who is Karen Pryor?

Karen Pryor, a woman who has always spoken out about issues that affect women and other minorities, made a mistake in defending a man who beat her husband to death. Karen Pryor made a huge mistake in defending the man who killed her husband. Instead of standing up for a domestic violence victim, Karen Pryor made a huge mistake in defending the man who abused her for years. While speaking with reporters after being fired as an English radio host, Pryor made the mistake of defending the man who choked and killed her husband.

What’s she answered to a reporter after fired from job?

When asked by reporter Lou Dobbs who he thought was right or wrong when it came to Karen Pryor getting fired from her job as an English radio host, Pryor turned defenselessly into a victim. She repeatedly deflected questions about the circumstances of her termination, saying that she didn't know what the policies were at the time she was let go. When asked if she thought King was being fair to her by asking her if she knew anything about the tape, Pryor responded "no." When pressed on whether she thought the question of whether or not King was being fair to her when it came to the tape, Pryor deflected again and said that she didn't know.

It's easy to see why Pryor would have been confused when I posed the question to her during an interview in January. As an English radio host, one is expected to know how to speak Spanish, but not necessarily to be able to speak English when you are being choked by your employer! In the United States we have a First Amendment that protects people from discrimination based on their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. So clearly, if Pryor thought she was being discriminated against, that's a pretty good place to start. If she thought that her employer was requiring her to only speak Spanish when working in downtown New Orleans that would certainly raise some eyebrow and raise some eyebrows.

Her way of talking during job:

Now let's get down to business. Did Karen Pryor really learn how to speak English when she was let go as an English radio host? Apparently not, because she continues to insist that she does not understand the terminology used in the context of a news report. She even referred to WSMN in her defense and told me that she did not watch the news until last week when she heard about the situation and felt "appointed" to make a comment about it on her blog.

When I asked her why she would post such a comment about a program that does not even feature news stories (I could tell that she had never watched it), she responded, "I don't think I need to explain why I don't want to talk about it." Apparently, she feels that if people listen to her talk radio shows on various stations they will automatically understand what she's talking about because she speaks English. Unfortunately, there is no universal definition of what the terminology used in a world such as the United States or the United Kingdom consists of. Just like there is no universal definition of what the dictionary defines as the word "dog," there is no single definitive definition of what a radio talk show host should or must say.

Human resource requirements according to job:

In my mind I do not think that anyone should be required to only speak Spanish when working in a radio station. I also don't think it is fair for a human being like Karen Smirnoff to be required to only speak English on her show when she has nothing else to offer. It seems like an odd way to set up someone to be a radio host if they are not going to be very good at that. I could see if someone with the skills and intelligence to do other things besides be a radio host could do the job, but as for speaking Spanish, I guess that is probably best left to the professionals. Even if there was a requirement to only speak Spanish on certain programs, it might not be a requirement that a human resource person be forced to have to do.

Person’s personality is most important:

If you will recall during our recent coverage of the worldwide recession, there were many cases where companies would place job openings with actual Spanish-speaking radio hosts, only to have them fire them later. I am not sure if radio host karen fired realized this, but she may have made a mistake by hiring somebody who could not get the job done. It was not that she didn't have the right skill or even a talent for the task. It was that she ended up having to keep that person on, due to the economy. This whole scenario proves that a person's personality and ability should be given more importance than just their ability to get a job in radio.

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