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Kauai Whale Watching Tours

In the last 20 years, the humpback whale population has grown tremendously. All thanks to the Endangered Species Act. There are over 6,000 whales in the North Pacific Ocean, of which 4,000 come to North Shore, and as of now, more than 21,000 whales exist of which about 10,000 of them travel to Hawaii per year. It makes it highly probable that you would enjoy the season of Whale Watching in Kauai.

Watching these humpback whales is an enriching experience. You can see an adult who weighs up to 45 tons, playing and relaxing off-shore. The most exciting thing is that, and if you are lucky, you may be able to see a baby whale take lessons from the mother and also learning to splash and play, just like a baby would do in a bathtub.

These humpback whales attract a lot of visitors per year, and even the whales enjoy this place just as much the visitors do.

Whale Watching on Kauai

You are probably going to catch a glimpse of a splendid humpback whale or Kohola, off the shorelines of Kauai from December to May. These giants are very calm, and it is a rare sight to have them all together.

In case you want, you can also book a charter boat or a tour and go on to spot these gigantic creatures. The scenic ocean views would be a treat to your senses, and you would also get to know of the best places where you can spot the whales and also observe their activities while they are playing, tail slapping, or even blowing spouts in the air. As per the law, the boats are prohibited from approaching up to 100 yards of a whale. Also for your safety, it is recommended that you must never swim near or with or even touch these whales or any other water animals.

Whale Watching in Kauai can be done from many beautiful places and beaches such as Poipu Beach, and scenic spots such as Kilauea Lighthouse and the Kalalau Trail on the North Shore of the Napali Coast. Whales love the warm, shallow waters of Hawaii; therefore, it is best to keep your eyes open as if you are lucky you might spot one relaxing on the sands of Kauai.


The whales are otherwise a very gentle creature, but then for the sake of safety, you must ensure that you are swimming away from them.

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