Monday, December 4, 2023
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KBC which is also known as Kaun Banega Crorepati, is a top rated and known television show which is watched my millions of people all around the world including India. This show is hosted my Amitabh Bachchan where its talks about who wants to be a billionaire through playing a game of certain questions. There are lucky draws available to the winners of this game and the information related to KBC Lottery Number Check can be found out from its official website, as there will be accurate information related to the winners with the lottery numbers stated on it. 

There are different seasons of this show every year starting from 2002 and continuing for many years till 2007 on star plus which is an Indian series channel. With the help of its official website which is known as the KBC official website, entering the information will automatically generate the names of the winners, a money check about the withdrawals. The lucky draw winners and the method of checking KBC lottery online. There was one of the biggest prize award in the show which was 25 lakh, according to its official website. This prize was then divided among the three lottery winners who were from Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. As more and more numbers have been added to the lottery system of KBC during past years, so it has become difficult win the KBC lottery online due to increase in numbers. This has also caused the jackpots to grow larger and larger, and there are many times when there are no winners at all and they go without matching the Lottery numbers which is found on the official website of KBC. For customers support it has also launched online 24/7 service for any kind of queries related to the winners. 

In the KBC Lottery Number Check, during 2021 head office of kbc can be contacted at Kolkata or where lottery number check is very easy to identify at the official website by just entering the winner mobile number and the registered lottery number. The most common numbers for lottery are 8899, 89910 and 8991 and the most famous number among these is 8991. There is another method for participating in the lucky draw where KBC sim card is the random in which the customers can take part by just doing a call for the official number registered on the KBC official website. Now to find out the winners, these customers will check their names in WhatsApp lottery list and also the lottery is verified on the official website as well. So if the customer has more than one mobile number, then it ensures that he is the winner of the game. Hence be alert for any winning prices. 

In July, a Chandigarh resident was duped of `24,000 by online fraudsters on the pretext of winning the KBC lottery. Not just that, there are fraudsters who even dupe their friends and relatives. In August, a paramedical student allegedly duped his friend of `5 lakh on the pretext of registration for the game show.



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