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Keep Your Business Network Safe with Email, Firewall, Wireless Network Security, and Browser Security

Cybersecurity is not a joke. Whether you have online accounts, a website, or other forms of web-based infrastructure, there are high chances of you falling prey to cyberattacks. People often feel that government websites, banks, and high-profile companies are the key targets to disgruntled parties, competitors, and cybercriminals, but small businesses are none the less. Due to lack of resources, small enterprises have network systems, accounts, and websites that are the least protected, thus making cyberattacks an easy job.

Top 4 Protection Methods to Keep Business Networks Safe

Addressing security issues of your business is imperative to keep its network safe. Below are 4 protection methods to do the same.

·         Email - Email attachments are a crucial catalyst for adware, Trojans, malware, and viruses. As email is a primary communication medium for most businesses, it is the central area to address. Selecting an email provider who focuses on security with spam protection and anti-virus is smart and will reduce your risks considerably. They will ideally offer email encryption, which means your sensitive information will be safe 24/7. For the best email support services, contact Tech to Us.


·         Firewall - Installing a good quality firewall will help to prevent viruses as well as other unwanted intrusions. It can either be hardware or software-based. It will help to analyze all the incoming data to the network. When something does not meet security criteria and looks questionable, it will automatically get blocked. The firewall acts as a buffer zone between the internet and the business's private network to stop anything malicious before it gains access to the network. The best part is, it will prevent problems from happening. However, the specific overall comprehensiveness and detailed features may vary, so check the recent reviews.


·         Browser Security - The internet browser needs to work at high levels and also maximize security settings. If you are using Microsoft Windows, then ensure to reap the perks of automatic updates. It will guarantee that the browser is kept up-to-date all through the periodic updates. Rising password security indeed is smart should there be the potential for an outside party accessing the net on employees' mobile devices or PCs. You can do this by using strong passwords that have a minimum of 8 characters with numbers.


·         Wireless Network Security - Business’s need to make wireless networks through a router to help multiple members to access the internet conveniently. Here the downside is sensitive information is likely to get leaked to an external source that can lead to several issues when given in an amateur's hands. To tighten the security of the network, using a router having encryption features will work wonders. WPA encryption is a good choice as it provides strong encryption.

In an era of virus threats and cybercrimes, it is vital to take such problems seriously. Installing a good anti-virus, fortunately, along with other security measures, will work wonders. This way, the business will remain on track as well as focus on staying productive.

Block Ciphers


A block cipher is a symmetric cipher that operates on a fixed size block of bytes at a time. The stream of binary digits that make up a message are divided into blocks of a standard size (typically 64 or 128 bits long) and then the encryption algorithm is applied so that all the bits of each block are encrypted at the same time using the same key.




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