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Keep Your Precious Photos Safe With A PhotoStick How many gazillions of photos have you taken over the past year?

Weddings, christenings, birthdays and amazing days out can all produce incredible photo opportunities which will stay with you forever. But how would you feel if those photos just disappeared and you would never see them ever again?

Being devastated is a normal reaction to losing precious images from special occasions but why leave yourself prone to it? Computers or even mobile phones can crash or suddenly malfunction without warning. Keep your photos safe by uploading them onto a PhotoStick.

What is a PhotoStick?

Completing a photo backup ususally involves a piece of technology which acts like a piece of storage furniture. It holds onto your belongings to keep them safe. A photo stick does just that with your photo or video files.

Using a USB port, the device is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and allows you to safely upload all your photos, videos and media files onto the photo stick. But what’s the truly ingenius trick to this PhotoStick? You can complete the action in just one click. No copy and pasting and no sifting through however many images you have on your computer. Just one click and the photo stick does the rest of the work for you.

What are the main features of the PhotoStick?

As well as being a one click wonder, the PhotoStick has other credible capabilities which make it a must have gadget for your computer. One of the great features is a built in auto filter. It goes through all the files that you’re currently uploading on to the stick and filters out any duplicates, saving you much needed space for even more images and video files.

File compatibility is a massive advantage for the PhotoStick. It works with all photo files including JPG, PNG, JPEG and even MP3 files. The PhotoStick can also lift up images and videos from burned CDs. This means that even if it’s an old photo on a disc burned by a friend, it can still be saved onto the PhotoStick.

No internet required! An additional bonus of the PhotoStick is that it does not require an internet connection in order to do its job. Whereas other file storage systems need Wifi or connection to a hub, the PhotoStick can work all its magic completely offline.

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