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Keeping Honey Moon Travel Safe During Covid

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So, you're about to exchange vows, put a lovely wedding ring on the finger of your soulmate, share a kiss, and then it's time for the honeymoon-fun part! It can be notoriously busy with the time leading up to your wedding and the big day itself. 

It's time to decompress after the party is done and enjoy some quality time together, just the two of you. But in the wake of a pandemic, how would you have a honeymoon you'd always dreamed of? 

It is undoubtedly possible to have the honeymoon of a lifetime. To inspire you, we talked to eight professionals who shared their best tips for planning your honeymoon during the pandemic, including honeymoon experts, travel agents, and hotels. 

Before You Book 

Normally, couples spend time planning and researching their honeymoon, but at the moment, this is much more important. Here are few things to remember before you agree. 

What Kind of Honeymoon do You Want? 

The point of departure is to decide what sort of honeymoon you both want. While your dream destination may not be possible right now, there may be plenty of choices that give you the same kind of experience. 

A qualified travel agent is your best friend 

The staff at Cruise Planners, with over 25 years of experience and an American Express Travel Agent, agrees. "At Cruise Planners, our travel advisors can take all the time, hassle, and stress out of planning, and they are also knowledgeable about COVID-19 travel restrictions and safe destinations to visit," they add. 

Understand current local COVID restrictions 

You will need to keep up to date with the evolving situation where you are headed, whether you intend to do a staycation honeymoon in the U.S. or go abroad. Testing is

important for any couple seeking to take a honeymoon in the next 12 months,"Research is key to any couple looking to take a honeymoon within the next 12 months," 

Are there any quarantine or testing requirements? 

Your return plan would also cause you to consider it. "Many countries and even some states and cities, require residents to quarantine for 14 days following a return from COVID-19 hotspot," says Hitchd. "For those working from home, this probably won't make a difference, but for those who must return to work immediately, quarantining for two weeks won't be an option." 

Cruise Planners warn that before admission, most nations that are available to American tourists need confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test. Great Honeymoons often propose understanding before you book what COVID-19 research criteria may be in place. "People are getting turned away at the border because they have taken the wrong test, so it pays to familiarize yourself before you depart," they say. 

Will you feel safe there? 

Your honeymoon is a special event that you are definitely only going to spend once. Throughout this journey, feeling exhausted is not the memory you want to carry away! 

To give you absolute peace of mind, a responsible hotel would be delighted to share with you their unique safety steps. The NapaPURE service, which is devoted to the protection and health of any guest, affiliate, and participant, has been launched by Silverado Resort and Spa in the Napa Valley. 

Can you enjoy all the facilities? 

And if you can fly to your ideal destination or stay at your beloved spa, due to limitations, you may not be able to enjoy the full experience. To stop disappointment, try this out before you leave. 

"Will the resort you're going to have all their amenities available to you? Will the spa be open? What about the restaurants? Do you need to make reservations ahead of time for things you normally wouldn't like a spot by the pool?"Are you going to have all their

amenities available to you at the resort? Will the spa be open? What about the restaurants? Do you need to make reservations in advance for things that you don't normally like a spot by the pool? 

This recommendation is echoed by the staff at Rabbit Hill Inn, a spacious full-service inn in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. "Although there are plenty of options available, do not assume that everything is running as usual. This will help you plan your getaway without any unexpected disappointments," they add. 

Another important warning they still share. "Speak directly with the lodging establishment to assure accurate information, because online details may not be updated and can be misleading." 

Honeymoon Ideas During the Pandemic 

You will also enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon with some good preparation, a bit of compromise, and a dash of imagination. Just like when you were buying your engagement and wedding rings, you might enjoy thinking outside of the box. There are plenty of beautiful choices for your special vacation, including road trips to luxurious hotels and setting sail on a cruise. 

Hit the Road 

The clear path in front of you, your loved one by your side, and the breeze in your hair. Just imagine it. Road trip honeymoons are getting a big time because of COVID. "We have seen a huge uptick in requests for destinations within the U.S.," says Perfect Honeymoons. 

While this is a more relaxed choice, you will always have to be extra coordinated. During a pandemic, a fun-filled and safe road trip can be a wonderful honeymoon experience, but advance planning is important. This is not the time to wing it,"A fun-filled and safe road trip can be a fantastic honeymoon experience during a pandemic, but advance planning is key — this is not the time to wing it," There are plenty of ways you


can enjoy the best of the U.S. while remaining healthy, whether you rent a vintage car or load up in an RV.


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