Friday, September 29, 2023
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Keeping Kids Entertained During a Pandemic that Doesn't Allow Going Out

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues and most of us are locked inside our homes, the world is coming up with new ideas and concepts for the general situations that have to be curbed to altered now to be able to exist in the new normal. Society, so far, has come across several issues that, before the pandemic era, were considered a part of a dystopia.

Since the pandemic has caused most industries to shut down temporarily, including the education sector, children have to resort to online education to stay up to date with the syllabus. It also means that children have to stay inside their houses for the past few months, and if the pandemic has made us feel the most of any emotion, it is boredom. 

Children are naturally curious, which means this pandemic situation has been more boring for them than adults. 

In this article, we will share a few ways to get your kids entertained inside the confinement of your house. Let’s take a look:

Fun Activities for Children

Firstly, you must pay attention to your children to figure out where their interests lie. Listen to your kids, and they will tell you everything they think of doing. This will help you narrow down the activities that will keep your kids entertained throughout the day. Invest at least an hour of your time daily into listening to your little ones. Have deep and personal conversations with them about their hobbies and interests, and what they like to do the most. 

If you are deeply invested in your kid’s life, you will not only figure out the career that would be most suitable for them but will also create a long-lasting bond with them. 

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the activities you can introduce to your children to keep them engaged and entertained:

Offline Activities

Nowadays, parents hand over their smartphones or tablets to children to keep them busy without paying attention to what’ s on the screen. As a result, children often get dependent on screens to get rid of their boredom. Not to say that proper screen time can’t be beneficial for children; it can absolutely be as long it is used to gain valuable knowledge. However, kids also need some time off the screen and out of the house to play. 

Since the COVID19 situation has us locked inside our houses, we should arrange for some activities indoors. One of the best ways to get your kids away from screens and introduce them to the real world is through books. You can start with simple storybooks and later on bring in books on more complex subject matters such as robotics and coding classes for kids. Reading such books as an offline activity will nurture their interest in computers and machines without keeping them hooked onto a screen.

STEM Activities

Kids nowadays must gain STEM skills, either online or in school, in order to be future-ready. You can also introduce STEM learning to your kids through entertaining activities at home. 

STEM learning goes beyond the usual syllabus and teaches kids the necessary skills of life while providing them with essential skills that will help them regardless of their career choice. 

There are many STEM activities you can do indoors with your kids. Some of these activities include creating caters, making miniature volcanoes, creating shooting stars, experimenting with orbits, etc.

Programming Projects

Teaching your kids to code teaches them numerous skills and gives them a broader perspective towards the world and their surroundings. With coding skills, your kids can not only develop and build their own apps, but they can also use their skills to connect to their peers and new friends.

With coding, kids can transform their dreams into reality. Programming keeps kids interested because of its wide variety of applications and uses. You can introduce your kids to programming through Scratch and Python as they are considered the best programming language for beginners in the coding field.

Keep Your Kids Attentive

When kids enjoy doing something, their attention and concentration tend to increase. Therefore, parents need to find out what their kids like and introduce them to the subject in cascading order. 

As a parent, you must encourage your kids and pay attention to what they are saying and doing. Make sure to provide them with an optimum learning environment and support, so they don’t feel burned out. 

Moreover, you should make sure to introduce new subjects in a playful manner so kids can retain their interests in what is being taught. Entertainment and interests are the critical factors for increasing a child’s attention span.

How Can Coding Help?

Coding is one of the most enjoyable learning processes that offers essential skills, aptitude, and problem-solving mentality. Anyone can code. It does not require a special degree or in-depth computer knowledge. 

Coding gives your kids a chance to create something of their own. It also makes them fervent and strong-footed in the face of complex problems while keeping them up to date with the latest technologies. The future depends on coders and programmers; therefore, now is the perfect time to get your kids to code so they can be productive members of the society when they grow up. 

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