Keeping My Kids Safe While I'm at Work


When you must leave your teenagers home alone while you are at work, you may worry about several problems that can occur. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to protect your children while they are home during the day throughout their school vacations. Here are some tips for keeping your children safe with a variety of home security ideas.


Tip 1: Have a Written Set of Guidelines


You should have a written list of guidelines for your children so that they know the rules about staying home while you are at work. Some of the rules might include not permitting their friends inside your home while you aren't there, or you may not want them to use the stove while you are gone. Additional rules might include never opening the door for delivery persons or keeping all of the doors and windows locked.


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Tip 2: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Every home must have at least one smoke detector to protect its occupants from the dangers of smoke and fire. In addition, experts recommend having a carbon monoxide detector in a home to alert people when this poisonous gas is at a dangerous level. These devices make loud beeping sounds, and you can use modern home security technology to alert you while you are at work when the detectors make a noise.


Tip 3: Talk to Your Neighbors


If you have neighbors who are willing to help, then arrange for them to check on your children while you are at work. When there is a problem in your home, your children will know where to go for help to avoid additional dangerous problems. You can teach neighbors more about your home's security devices so that they can also help you keep track of your children.


Tip 4: Install Modern Devices


You can find home security cameras for the exterior and interior of a building. You can monitor your children's activities from inside your home by using a security system that sends images to your computer while you are at work. It is also possible to watch what is going on outside your home so that you can call law officials when you see someone on your property.


Tip 5: Trim the Trees and Shrubs on Your Property


The potential burglars who want to enter a home will look for properties that have hiding spaces. It is easy for someone to hide behind a tree or a shrub to break the glass in a window or to push open a door. Trim the shrubs and trees on your lawns to make it more difficult for someone to lurk outside your home. When you have visible security devices outside a home, a potential thief is more likely to avoid your home.


Tip 6: Add Security Lighting to a Home


You should add security lights to a home to deter theft from burglars who wander through neighborhoods looking for buildings to enter. When your children are home alone, it is essential to have additional lights around the windows. One of the best things about having a security system is that you can use your smartphone to turn the lights on and off inside or outside your home.


Tip 7: Teach Your Child How to Use Security Devices


It is a good idea to teach your child how to use the security devices that are available at your home. Today, most teenagers know more about using modern technology than parents do, but your child will need to know the pass codes for alarm systems to turn the items back on after a power outage.


Teach Your Children First-aid Methods

In addition to having security systems in place, your child should understand how to perform first aid along with calling for assistance from paramedics or law officials. Make sure to have a list of emergency telephone numbers available along with a first-aid kit.