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Keeping your family together after divorce

An argument against divorce is its negative effect on a couple's psychological health. Adults can suffer a negative psychological balance, including high levels of anxiety, unhappiness, and depression.

Divorce doesn't just affect the couple who is splitting; children feel the impact, too. 

Apart from the obvious change in your relationship with your spouse and members of your spouse’s family, divorce often means changes in your relationships with other people as well. It’s a rare divorcing couple who doesn’t report that at least some of their friends take sides in the divorce, meaning that some of the people you have considered friends for years may now view you as wrong or evil. Also, we know from research that divorced people themselves tend to change their relationships. They tend to spend less time with their married friends and more time with other single people, primarily divorced people.

The process of divorce can offset many difficult, challenging and high emotions. Your thoughts and feelings are likely to be fragile, and in addition to this there will be practical issues which need addressing.

What is most important is having someone there to guide you through the process with a pragmatic, efficient and tailored approach: because every family is different. There are many firms out there who manage divorce cases with such an approach, one of those being Brodies whose specialist divorce lawyers are well reputed and highly respected.

The crest of the wave

You’ve surfed the waves of emotion, you’ve been guided through the process and a divorce has been finalised. But what happens now?

The finalisation of a divorce means agreements have been reached regarding those practical and financial issues but does divorce negate family?

Well…no, not necessarily.

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Valuing the difference

Your family unit will inevitably be different, but this doesn’t mean to say it is of any less value, especially when children are involved.

So how can you and your family maintain ‘togetherness’ after divorce?

A separation has occurred, and this is important to recognise but there are those who specialise in supporting you and your family in adjusting to life after divorce with responsive, knowledgeable and friendly advice, geared towards the most positive outcome for you and your family.

Pocket tips to remember

Have a look at these simple tips to support you in your journey of togetherness after divorce.

Don’t be alone – talk it through with friends, neighbours and family who can support you in finding the best, most positive situation. Family law companies are there to help, guide and offer advice too and with the right knowledgeable and friendly approach, you can be rest assured of an optimum solution for you and your family.

Be positive about adjusting to the changes – change can be hard for many but in accepting change, we give ourselves scope for positive adjustment. Perhaps write a list of all the challenges and good things you perceive will be ahead; the pros and cons if you like and think of simple ways which might help you manage them.

Take advice when you need it – we all need to feel supported. No matter how small or big the issue feels, look at what can help guide you on the right positive path once divorce has been settled.

There can be unity in separation

Know what you want. Think about the direction or path you would like to travel during the next phase and set out ways in which it can be achieved. Be positive in your approach and ensure that what you would like to happen is in sync with the ways you go about achieving it. In adopting a positive philosophy, you can deal with any arising issues effectively for all involved. 



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